What are shampoos for dogs?

Shampoo for a person well washes away not only dirt and dust, but also protective lubricant - residues of vital activity of sweat and sebaceous glands. And if for a person it is not critical, then the dog feels extremely uncomfortable, having lost his own smell.

In addition, the dog's skin is initially drier than human, and therefore, washing off the protective layer is fraught with the appearance of skin inflammations and diseases. The correct PH balance of the dog’s skin is not 5, as in humans, but 6.5. Therefore, they are not suitable human shampoos. Also, the shampoo should be air-conditioned, which allows you to avoid the appearance of mats and stalling wool.

Shampoos for dogs are of several types.

Dog shampoos

They often pursue not only the goal of cleaning wool from contamination. Modern shampoos are also conditioners at the same time and are designed for easier combing of wool, disentangling of mats. They also moisturize and tone up dry skin, restore dull and damaged hair.

For a show dog it is better to choose a shampoo with herbal extracts and silk proteins. It gives wool elasticity, prevents the cross section and brittle hair, elasticity, shine and additional volume.

Medical shampoos for dogs

This shampoo for fleas and ticks, which instantly destroys parasites. There are also soothing shampoos for dogs with flaky, skimmed skin. Antiallergic shampoos for dogs reduce skin irritation and relieve itching, and also have a beneficial effect on animals that are too sensitive to odors and dyes, adverse environmental conditions.

Medical shampoo with aloe vera and coal tar extracts helps to heal wounds and abrasions. It also relieves itching and irritation well, helps with eczema and scratching, and gives wool the scent of pine needles. A pronounced antiseptic has a dog shampoo with an extract of the Australian tea tree.

To this type of shampoo can be attributed such that does not cause irritation when it comes into contact with eyes. As a rule, they contain jojoba oil and keratin. They are also called "shampoos without tears."

Dry shampoo for dogs

They are made in the form of powder or powder. These shampoos allow you to clean the dog's coat without water and do not cause skin irritation. Powder is combed into a dry coat and combed until the powder is completely gone. This tool is good for dogs that do not like water, as well as for long-haired dogs, in those moments when water is not available or too cold and a wet animal can catch a cold.

Tint shampoo conditioners

Designed for dogs with different coat color. They enhance, make brighter natural shades of colors. There are some that help to wash the spots that are uncharacteristic for the color of the dog - with a hydroxy complex for deep cleaning of dog hair.

The most popular brands of shampoo lines are 8in1, lines from Jean Peau, American manufacturers ALL SYSTEMS, Vo-Toys (Ring 5), French - Hery Laboratories, Italian City Life (Iv San Bernard).



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