Features of dry food for sterilized dogs

After sterilization, the vet may advise you to change the pet food. This is due to the fact that sterilization changes the body's metabolism and deprives it of the production of certain sex hormones, which affects the further development of the body.

Why do we need special food for sterilized dogs?

Food for sterilized dogs from the usual differs primarily low calorie. Hormone failure often leads to the fact that the animal on the same feed after the operation begins to gain weight. There is no point in keeping it on a diet, otherwise you can get a “pendulum effect”. That is, upon returning to the usual food, the increased weight will not only return, but also increase.

Therefore, you need a lifelong lightweight diet. But it must be balanced and complete. After all, a sterilized dog is not a sick dog. She just needs a low-calorie, but complete feed and active walks.

Another problem is the dosage of feed. The dog should not be kept half starving, but the food should not remain in the bowl. It is necessary to conduct a series of experiments, and to determine at what dose of food, the dog is not hungry, eats all the food and would like to eat some more.

Famous feed lines for sterilized dogs

  • Eukanuba feed has a special line for sterilized dogs - Sterilized Dogs and Daily Care Overweight. This is a balanced and full-fledged daily diet with a reduced amount of calories, the optimal amount of natural fiber and a natural fat burner - L-Carnitine.
  • Canidae Platinum is produced specifically for feeding sterilized dogs. It is composed of non-fatty chicken, turkey, lamb, and ocean fish.
  • Pro Pac Senior Chicken Meal & Rice Formula and Pro Pac Low Fat Rice Chicken Meal Formula are specially designed for sterilized dogs. They contain the optimal amount of protein and a minimum of fat. They are easily digested and have the optimal amount of nutrients needed for a healthy life.
  • There is a specialized feed and the company Hill's.

If the dog before the operation was fed with a certain brand of food, then it is better to search for specialized food within the limits of the already favorite food. So the body will experience less stress when switching to a new feed.

Practically all manufacturers of premium class premium dog food produce special lines. If the usual manufacturer does not have a special feed for sterilized dogs, diet food for dogs is also suitable. Or you can try a new feed, but its class should be higher than usual.



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