How to choose a ringovka for a dog?

Exhibition regulations prohibit the demonstration of dogs in the ring in the harness, muzzles, strict and everyday collars. The only allowable ammunition - ringovka - leash, specifically designed to display dogs in the show ring.

The correct choice of ringovka is of great importance for the evaluation of the dog and its victory at the show. No less important is how the handler can handle this important "tool." The range of exhibition rings is very diverse, in the line of almost any manufacturer there is a similar accessory.

Which ringovka for a dog is better to buy?

The perfect ringovka is almost invisible on the dog, it should not contrast with the animal. In this case, the thinner the ringovka, the harder will be the management of the dog. If the dog is young and inexperienced, especially a smaller breed, in the initial stages it is better to use soft wide ringovki with a flat or round section.

You can wear thin ringovku only when the dog learns to behave in different ammunition.

The choice of colors

The color of the ringing should “mask” under the dog, complement it, and not emphasize the shortcomings. Ringovka, sharply contrasting in color with the animal, as it divides the neck and violates the impression of integrity.

It is necessary to select a carrier in the tone of the dog's coat, and the coat is exactly where the ringing will be located, that is, on the shoulders or behind the ears.

Black ringovki are used when showing black, gray and blue dogs, white - light monochromatic and spotted dogs, beige - a dog of wheat and fawn color, and Yorkshire terriers are usually put up on red carriers.

There are no rules as such, but when choosing a ringovka, do not forget that the less visible it is on an animal, the better. And keep in mind that, against the background of a snow-white ringovka, a white dog may not look very clean, and a too bright coal ringing will make the black dog's wool gray and faded.

We select the material

Show rings are made of nylon, leather, nylon and metal. Accessory material must be selected in accordance with the physical capabilities of your pet. Even a well-trained dog is not immune from an accidental jerk and too thin a string will simply break.

On a small Chihuahua do not wear chains, but for large breeds need more reliable ringovki. Vodilka should keep the dog in unforeseen situations that often arise at exhibitions.

Too many dogs in a limited space sometimes leads to fights, besides, the animal can become frightened and unexpectedly sharply twitch. Vodilka should be convenient for the dog, for example, too large gaps in the links of the chain can pull out wool. The convenience of the ringing for the handler is equally important.

It should lie comfortably in the hand, the material should be selected the one that will not slide, cut the palm and reach. Stretching ringovki material complicates the work with the dog, which is worse understands the "team."

The length and width of the ringovka for dogs

The thinner the accessory, the more profitable it will look on the dog. Wide, besides with a flat cross-section, the riders shorten the neck during visual examination. The length of the leash depends on the way the dog is shown, its breed and the handler’s personal taste.

The smaller the dog, the longer the ringing should be, respectively, for large breeds it would be more appropriate to have a short lead. When the dog is in a free rack, and the handler is a step away from her, the ringing should be free to sag, and with a manual stand, with the head and neck fixed, it will be more convenient to have a short leash that is easier to pick up.

Thin and long ringovka very easily confused, and when you need to quickly gather it into a fist, a knot can form, which will entail a lot of inconvenience. Also important is the diameter of the "ring". You can not buy accessory "for growth", the girth of the loop should correspond to the neck of the dog.

Type of ringovki for dogs

This is the most difficult aspect of choosing a suitable ring, as there are many models, and there are no clearly defined rules for each breed. Therefore, the main criterion should be convenience for both the handler and the dog.



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