Which dog collar is better to buy?

Among the necessary dog ​​ammunition, the collar takes the first place, which you cannot do without if you have gotten a four-legged friend. Walking with a dog without a collar is dangerous both for her and for those around her.

Puppies should be taught to him from an early age, the process of getting used to dogs is fairly easy, you just need a little patience.

Choose and buy a dog collar is not as easy as it seems at first glance. There are a variety of types of collars, designed not only for each breed, but also for specific cases and types of training. To choose a suitable ammunition for a dog, you need to sort out all the variety of collars that the pet industry offers.

How to choose a collar for a dog?

The collar is selected based on the size, age, coat, temperament of the dog and the purpose for which it is purchased. Experienced dog breeders usually have several collars for different situations: daily, exhibition, training, "on the way out", home. The collar should be cared for, cleaned of dirt in a timely manner, washed if necessary, and taken off after a walk so that the wool does not wrinkle and wipe and the skin breathes. You can not save on this dog accessory, it is better to buy a collar for a dog more expensive, but better quality. After all, poor quality goods will cause the dog inconvenience and may break at the wrong moment.

Between the collar and the neck should be placed 2 fingers, a smaller volume will squeeze the dog's neck too much, and the larger one may slip off. European collar design is more convenient. In it, the buckle is at the bottom, and the ring for the leash is in the middle. This prevents excessive turning of the collar around the dog's neck and pulling out the fur. The buckle must be fitted with a flap to protect the wool from damage.

Walking collars are most commonly used, which are made from synthetics, leather, or combinations thereof. Virtually all models have a soft fleece binder, thin leather or felt. Collars with hemming dog more comfortable.

Collar model is selected in accordance with the size of the dog. Large breeds with a calm disposition fit wide collars of several layers of leather with a sturdy clasp. An important element is the ring, for which the leash is fastened. It should be cast and securely fastened to the collar. After all, even the most peaceful dog can get scared or get nervous during a walk, especially if the animal is young and in connection with this more impulsively. A tightly welded ring minimizes the risk that the dog will fall off the leash. For small and medium breeds, you can choose collars narrower.

For greyhounds and other dogs with a delicate neck, there is a special type of collar - greyhound. On the throat side of such a collar there is an extension, which softens the pressure on the dog's throat.

Long-haired dogs fit round rope-shaped collars. It is desirable that the seam is located outside or on the side, the inner seam will rub the dog's neck.

Which collar is better to buy for a puppy?

When buying a collar for a puppy, note that the dog will grow, so you have to either replace the collar or buy a model whose size can be further increased. In the collar "for growth" a free piece of the belt should not be too loose, it will interfere with the dog. For puppies, it is better to choose collars with a soft lining in order to injure the neck less and not cause discomfort.

For dogs that are often or permanently tethered, extra strong collars are needed, made of synthetics or tarpaulin. These materials are not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, but leather can crack and become too hard and uncomfortable.

The links of the jerk chains and strangle-collars must be firmly welded or sealed, and made of durable metal alloy. In order for the dog to be easily controlled by the collar, the rings are necessary rather slippery. If a dog has long hair it is better to choose a chain with a size of links of 4-6 cm, they tear the wool less. The noose is put on the dog through the head and, choosing it, consider the volume of the widest place of the head.

The noose is usually used at exhibitions and during trainings, its use in everyday life without certain skills can harm a dog. Illiterate handling of such a collar leads to back injuries, substandard neoplasms, skin diseases, with an inaccurate dash there is a risk of tracheal damage and strangulation of the dog. Before using the strap collar, it is better to consult with an experienced instructor about its proper use.

Strict collars are a collection of connected spikes. They are very specific and are used only under the supervision of an instructor. Strict collar should fully comply with the girth of the neck behind the ears, not too much pressure and not subside. Models with split links are easier to fit to the size of the dog. Thorns, it is desirable to choose located perpendicular to the neck, and not at an angle.

Then they exert a “point” pressure on the dog without scratching the skin. For short-haired and medium-sized dogs a strict collar does not apply, as it can severely injure the skin. This type of collar is used only during training, the constant use of the "strogach" adversely affects the control of the animal and its general obedience.

At exhibitions, special collars are used - rings, which are hardly noticeable and are selected in accordance with the color of the dog. Rings are made of braided cord or thin leather. Show collars do not have buckles and any decorative elements.

In addition to the above functional collars in pet stores there are decorative models for miniature dogs. Such collars are decorated with beads, bows, rhinestones and are mostly fashionable decoration.

Collars with external spikes for large dogs are also classified as "on the way out". It is more likely that the dog itself or its owner will be injured about the spikes than the attacking animal.

Any collars with decorative elements should be carefully inspected, there should not be any sharp details on the inside. For evening and night walks, luminous collars are suitable, allowing you not to lose the dog from sight, even at a distance.

Having carefully studied the range and having determined the purpose for which you need ammunition, you can buy a comfortable and reliable collar for your pet.



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