How to choose a puppy mastiff?

Do not rush when choosing a puppy. Visit several exhibitions; the club shows have a calmer atmosphere, and the breeder will have more time to talk with you. Try to find out the breed, most breeders will gladly meet you. Come to their home. And they will be happy to talk about English Mastiffs.

Try to see as many different representatives of the breed as possible to say to yourself: yes, this dog is made for me and my family! If any member of the family doubts, then this breed should be abandoned.

Get a copy of the breed standard at your national canine club or the breed club secretariat. Read and slowly digest the information to have a clear idea of ​​what the adult dog will look like. Club secretaries usually know who has puppies at the moment, and they will give you phone numbers and addresses.

Find out the special requirements for keeping large dogs and consider whether you can meet them. Despite the fact that English mastiffs have no inclination to vagrancy, a safe platform for a young mastiff should be made. Some of them are "great diggers", so you need to constantly monitor the undermining under the fence. Others like to storm gates and fences. About this you need to know and be able to prevent such offenses still in the bud.

If you are not confident in your abilities, first look at adult mastiffs, because puppies have magical appeal. Mastiffs are prone to excessive salivation and are always happy to share their saliva with others. From my experience, I can say that for children, especially boys, it just seems disgusting. Of course, you can immediately wipe away the drool with a towel, but remember. That you should live with it, and the saliva of dogs renders the extremely destructive effect on the polished furniture.

If you want to exhibit, or expose and dilute mastiffs, you must decide it right away. The breeder is already happy if he gets one or two show dogs in the litter, but what to do with the rest? This does not mean that they will grow up bad dogs, they just do not meet all the requirements of the breed standard. Most people buy a puppy, not even thinking about exhibitions, but when they wake up interest in the breed and they join a breed club, they fall on the hook of a show fever.

Male or bitch?

The choice of a dog or bitch is a matter of taste for each person, but often the potential owner takes one who is available. Males are larger and, unlike most other breeds, are not prone to vagrancy; they eat a lot, but usually turn out to be as loving and devoted creatures as bitches.

If you decide to breed dogs, you should know that the choices of English mastiffs have very difficult childbirth, in addition, they are very picky in choosing a cavalier, especially if you keep another dog in the house that your bitch likes! They should be kept separate during estrus. Usually the first estrus begins at the age of fourteen months, and then follows at intervals of 6-7 months. Some bitches have only one estrus per year.

Litter score

No self-respecting breeder will sell you a puppy with a guarantee that the latter will definitely become a champion, although most hope that their ugly ducklings will still grow into beautiful swans. Buying a puppy with an exhibition potential does not guarantee that everything will be so, on the other hand, an ordinary puppy can turn into a beautiful dog, and the breeder will by all means convince you to exhibit him. When you go to the breeder, get ready for the strict questioning, because most of us feel a great responsibility for our animals and want the best for the puppies.

You need to look at the puppies with your mother, although it is not always possible, because try to visit the breeder's house more than once. You also need to see your father if he lives in the same kennel. If not, the breeder will gladly provide you with information about his whereabouts.

Check along with the breeder x-rays of the hip and elbow joints for dysplasia. This disease affects too many representatives of large and heavy breeds, and for its monitoring there is a system of assigning points to each joint, which allows to identify a risk group. Healthy hip joints of parents do not guarantee that they will inherit offspring, and, conversely, parents with a large number of points, which indicates a susceptibility to dysplasia, can produce puppies with almost normal hip joints.

Some breeders also do eye testing. Modern English mastiffs differ little from their ancestors, these dogs have always characterized obedience and benevolence. They give the impression of tremendous strength with their big square head, wide muzzle and heavy paws.

Mastiff Puppy Score

Do not expect the breeder to allow you to inspect the puppies until they are five or six weeks old. From this age on, they no longer depend so much on the mother and begin to show a strong interest in the environment. A puppy is a complete version of an adult dog in miniature, its paws should be huge, like ears, but you should not be worried - as they grow overall, they will come in line with the head and body.

Look for a square-headed puppy with a long body, good bones and tight paws in a clump. Make sure that the claws are trimmed and that the puppy does not fall down on the pasterns. Paws should be tightly compressed, with well arched toes and black claws. Do not choose an over-fed puppy, at eight weeks he should be plump, active and inquisitive.

A slight overshoot at this age will return to normal, because the lower jaw continues to grow. The muzzle must be deep, wide, short, but not flat. With a wide face under the eyes, the transition from the forehead to the nose is noticeable at birth, but then disappears and reappears at about seven to eight weeks. Do not choose puppies with long and narrow, or vice versa, snub-nosed muzzles.

Small puppies have blue eyes, considering that for English mastiffs you need as dark eyes as possible, then immediately choose a puppy with the darkest blue eyes. There should be no drooping eyelids, bulging or too wide apart eyes. Ears at this age should be very large - this is normal. They are set high on both sides of the head and fit snugly to the cheeks. To touch both sides of the head and tight to the cheeks. To the touch they should be thin and soft. Wrinkles appear on the forehead when the puppy is interested in something. Too many wrinkles are associated with possible future eye diseases, as well as a tendency to skin infections in the depth of the wrinkles around the eyes.

Already the puppy should have a deep chest, set wide, strong and straight limbs. At this age it is difficult to accurately assess the correct location of the blades. The back should be long and flat, with convex wide ribs. British breed standard does not indicate the minimum height and weight, but the principle is one - the more the better. Moreover, growth is achieved due to the depth of the chest, and not the length of the limbs. The size of a puppy at this age does not at all determine the growth of an adult dog, therefore the largest puppy in the litter may turn out to be the smallest when it grows up. Increasing the amount of food you will not achieve a large growth of your dog, but rather harm its health. The same principle should be applied to the amount of supplements of minerals and vitamins.

The rich edge of the tail, limbs and ears is a sign of a future wavy coat, and although it makes the puppy very attractive, it does not meet the standard, especially if you are going to expose the dog or to breed, then an atypical dog is not suitable for you. The most amazing thing is that some judges award good points to such dogs.

Dog color is usually a matter of taste. Some puppies of a monochromatic color may have stripes on their backs that fade with age, their ears will become darker if they are dark inside the puppy. Puppies are born almost black, so in the first days after birth it is very difficult to distinguish between apricot and brindle, with age the color of puppies becomes lighter. Most pale yellow puppy dogs have pepper and salt color and a very untidy appearance. The most attractive are light fawn puppies with a black mask and ears.

We need to find time and watch the puppies play; puppies of all breeds indulge in stormy games with each other, and then everyone falls asleep at once. Some are very inquisitive and will crawl all the time around you while you are sitting next to them. Others, more indecisive, will join as soon as you pay attention to them. Timidity can become a problem, unfortunately, it often does not manifest itself in any way until the puppy is one year old, then he ceases to be a universal friend and becomes more closed.



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