English Setter Puppies

It is better to acquire an English setter puppy at 2 months of age, when it is already easy to bring it up and teach it to live in a new family. Acquiring a puppy at an early age can lead to trouble, since the baby is not yet sufficiently developed.

It is important to remember that at this tender age, mother's milk is necessary for normal digestion of the first portions of solid food and that without it, the puppy may have enteritis and diarrhea.

Having decided to buy a puppy of a puppy, a person not infrequently asks the question: "which gender should I prefer, male or female?" On this account it should be said that bitches are more obedient, affectionate and mature earlier. However, they cannot be used for hunting twice a year for twelve days, that is, during periods of estrus. Male in turn more enduring and is in shape all year round. However, it is more excitable and is generally not so obedient.

Feed your puppy often and little by little to avoid indigestion. Starting from 2 months of age, the puppy should eat 3 times a day. At the same time one of the meals should consist only of milk. For training in a dog of hunting qualities, appropriate exercises are used that teach the dog to take action in hunting conditions ahead of the hunter.

Rearing an English Setter puppy

The dog is raised in the first months of its life. By the same serious training can begin only in adulthood. Starting from 4 months of age, you can put on a puppy light but durable collar. After a few days, begin to teach him to walk on a leash. The first few times, having felt that something is holding him, the puppy will try to free himself, making jumps or simply refusing to go further. In this case, be patient, and without resorting to rudeness, call and pet the puppy and he will immediately calm down.

Of course, for these first exercises, you should choose a quiet and peaceful place, and only later you can begin to accustom him to noise and strangers. As for the fitting, the simplest method is used here. To start, stock up with a rag ball or any cylindrical object with a soft surface. Let the puppy sniff the object, and then throw it a few meters in front of you.

It is possible that the English setter puppy will run after him the first time and try to bring it to you. If this does not happen, do not scold the puppy, it is better to repeat the exercise a few more times, but so that it does not bore him. Do not forget that the puppy is the same child. He loves to play and misbehave. Do not demand too much from him. Wait until the puppy becomes more mature.



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