Pekingese clothing features

Pekingese can not be called too heat-loving dog breed. Her long silky coat protects well from the cold. However, it cannot be said that the Pekingese does not need clothes.

First, the modern world can be called chemically aggressive, and for a small dog there may be dangerous spots of gasoline and motor oil on asphalt, salt, and other reagents that spill onto the roads.

Secondly, the beautiful Pekingese wool needs protection from the environment, especially if the dog attends exhibitions. In order not to wash the dog after each walk, she needs two or three overalls. You can buy them, and you can make yourself.

Clothes for the Pekingese do it yourself

When choosing a fabric for warm overalls, you need to remember that the lining should be made of silk or satin. If it is sewn from cheap lining fabric, then the Pekingese wool will electrify and inconvenience the dog. If the lining is made of rough fleece, then after the walk there will be mats.

It is better to take the top fabric waterproof, for example, Bologna. Then, in any weather, the dog will be clean and dry and will not catch a cold. For the winter version, you will need a lining of synthetic winterizer.

Before you open, you must correctly measure the pet. To do this, put the dog on the table, and measure with a centimeter chest and neck girth, back length. It is even easier to sew a new thing, just strapping old clothes and outlining the finished parts. Read more about how to determine the size of clothes for a dog and take measurements from it here.

The easiest clothes for Pekingese is a boot. In order to make it, you need to take a piece of cloth in the amount of two back lengths of the dog. Around the middle of this piece is cut a hole for the head. Ties are sewn on the sides.

This stupid can be sewn in several versions. Linen for summer walks, so that the wool is not dusty, and there are no ticks on it. Autumn from Bologna, so that the dog does not get dirty in wet weather.

Pattern clothes for Pekingese

Although the photo shows clothes for Chihuahua, they are also suitable for Pekingese

This picture is a picture of a jumpsuit

The result is - that's such a fun thing.

And here is another pattern of clothes for the Pekingese. Although it is quite simple, but quite successful

The result is such clothing:

And here on the photo is a pattern of shorts for a dog. Their production will take a maximum of 2 hours:

The importance of headgear

Pekingese vital headgear for two reasons. Firstly, its luxurious mane can get dirty and for the time of walking it is better to collect it in a bun, but it is even better to hide it under a cap. So not only will wool not hang down to the ground, but it will not get dirty at all. The cap is also relevant during a walk in the rain or sleet. Then the wool will not get wet and the dog will not catch a cold.

But the main argument for the Pekingese cap is the particular anatomy of the eyes of dogs of this breed. Their eyes are too prominent and large eyes are often injured by various sharp objects, including branches or grass. Visor caps will protect the dog's eyes from injury while exploring the surrounding world.



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