The history of the origin of the Rottweiler

The history of the origin of the Rottweiler goes back to the huge ancient Asian dogs. For a long time, Tibetan Mastin was considered the only ancestor of all large guard dogs.

Recent studies have cast doubt on this fact, although all this has only scientific significance. With confidence we can only say that guard dogs, in all likelihood, appeared in Europe together with Phoenicians and having crossed with local breeds, gave rise to new species.

Of greatest interest are the Swiss-German contacts. In Switzerland, in the canton of "OPIG", a family of black dogs, like coal, appeared, which later expanded to the south in the Altelbuch and Bern area.

From these dogs, the Swiss Volopas originate. In the north, a variety of these dogs settled in Ardovia and near Schaufhausen. Then she crossed the German region of Würtenberg, where she possibly crossed with local species of shepherd dogs and Dutch and English hunting breeds.

So the dogs got to the city of Rot Weil, where their name was born. Until the end of the Middle Ages, Mouth Weil was an important center for trading cattle. Thus, the butchers were the first to breed and use these dogs, which at first were called “Metzgerhund”, that is, butcher dogs. In 1901 the first systematic description of the breed of dogs of rottweilers was compiled.

And in January 1907 the first German rottweiler club was formed - DRK. A few months later he had a competitor, which was called IRK - the international rottweiler club. Between these two clubs began many years of controversy over what is more important beauty or functionality.

The German club paid special attention to the nature of the animals, while the international club was mainly engaged in the exterior. A single specialized society was formed only in 1921, ADRK is a universal German rottweiler club.

The ancestor of the Rottweiler breed can be considered a dog named Lord Von Der Tekka, whose head was already quite impressive in transverse diameter. The lord was the son of the 1913th champion, Lord Rem Von Schiferstadt, who marked a new step to the top of the breed. His height to the neck was 72 cm.



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