English Cocker Spaniel, breed standards

Externally, the Cocker Spaniel should be a lively, lively, cheerful dog.

Tightened and athletic. The height at the withers is equal to the length from the crown to the tail. But it should not seem like a massive square. Strong back and short wide chest. Cocker is by nature a very active dog and, accordingly, must be strong. A powerful chest gives room for a true athlete to develop the heart and lungs.


A short ridge provides maximum movement dynamics. The character must be alive, an indicator of which is the continuous wagging of the tail, especially when the dog is running, takes a trail. Cocker gentle, but not at the expense of liveliness and fun. Just such a character!


Muzzle Cocker is almost square, the line from the nose is clear and smooth. Teeth closed in the lock. The skull of a good shape is not too sophisticated, but also not “clumsy”. Eyes large, but not bulging. May be brown, dark brown or nutty, but not light. The nose is wide and agile with well-developed nostrils, because it is entrusted with a worthy task - the search for prey.

The decoration of the dog - the most visible part of the “face” - the hanging shaggy ears. They begin somewhere at eye level, do not reach the chest, but easily reach the tip of the nose. Soft and silky, they need regular care, but you do not need to comb them all the time (just make sure your ears do not float in the food bowl). Lately, atypical ears can often be met — either set too low or too long. To show this is a significant drawback - the judges reduce the points. But for you all the same, your dog is the most beautiful! Just someone bad taste ((((

The neck of the English Cocker Spaniel is muscular, of medium length, it grows out of the sloping shoulders and should not have a “dewlap”. The first description of this breed of dogs required a long neck. Of course, it can be beautiful, but the dog should look proportionate. The neck should not violate the harmony of the dog constitution.

Cocker Paws powerful and straightforward. Steady and short, but not enough to disrupt the formulation of the breed. Paws are round, strong. Hind limbs wide, very muscular. The hock is lowered, providing convenience for a throw. Feet wide and strong, with fluffy pillows.

Body strong, lean. The torso is well developed. The ridge is short, wide, powerful. It creates a perfectly straight line and goes to a certain slope to the tail, which is not considered a defect, but is a standard.

Tail - slightly below the line of the spine. He has to move all the time, to be lowered, not bullied. The tail, as a rule, is stopped, but not in order to hide it, but in order not to interfere with the movement. Moving and cheerful tail is another very important feature of the breed. Cocker, who does not wag his tail - worthless Cocker! Even if different external perfection. Paraphrasing the classic "... in this dog everything should be fine, both body and soul", (in our case the tail is a reflection of the dog's sincerity).

Tread Cocker Spaniel relaxed broad and confident, flying gait - and this should go real athletes. A mincing step with a wobbling backwards must be strictly punished.

Cocker spaniel hair is silky, not too thick, without signs of waviness. According to the standard need fluffy tow (pants) on the rear and front legs.

COLOR may be very different. Black has only white inserts on his chest. More recently, all chasing red spaniels. Other colors are in fashion today. In some countries (for example, the USA) an unusual color is valuable.

GROWTH. Males have an Englishman 39-40 cm. Bitches acc. 38-39 cm at the withers.

WEIGHT. from 12.5 to 14.5 kg



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