What and how to feed a puppy alabai and an adult dog?

Feeding alabayev differs little from feeding representatives of other large breeds. Two approaches can be taken to feed the Central Asian Shepherd Dog: feed it with ready-made dry food or cook natural food.

Each of these approaches has its own characteristics and advantages.

Important feeding rules alabai

  • From meat products alabai, it is better to give beef and veal, with caution chicken: if there is no allergy and tubular bones.
  • Pork fat is poorly absorbed by these dogs and therefore it is better not to give pork.
  • Also, do not give bones.
  • Part of the meat in the diet can be replaced by offal, but not completely feed the dog.
  • Most often alabai cook soup. First, the meat is cooked, and then the cereal is added to it and boiled until half cooked. Single volume of feed should not exceed two liters.
  • In addition to meat, the Alabayam can be given non-oily marine fish. Be sure to include in the diet of buckwheat, rice, less oatmeal, as well as boiled or raw vegetables.
  • An adult dog is fed once or twice a day at the same time.
  • If necessary, the transition to a new type of feed should be done gradually, introducing it gradually into the diet for 6-7 days.

Feeding a puppy alabai

A puppy is fed several times a day, depending on age. It is important that feeding a puppy alabai is carried out strictly according to the regime, because the endocrine glands are involved in digestion. They are quickly tuned to a specific time.



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