What and how to feed an English Bulldog puppy and an adult dog?

When deciding how to feed an English bulldog puppy, it is better to first ask the breeder and continue the routine and diet that is familiar to the baby.

A special feature of the nutrition of this breed should be a diet in which there is a lot of protein. After all, these dogs must be strong, but overweight is absolutely contraindicated to them. Bulldogs with obesity are more likely to suffer from allergies. And the standard of the breed "strong and powerful" does not mean a fat man. Therefore, when feeding an English bulldog, it is better to follow a high-calorie diet, which consists of easily digestible foods, so as not to lead to the formation of fatty deposits.

The choice of dry food should be based precisely on sufficient protein content. Selected food is better to first give the dog as a treat, and see if there is an allergy to it. Although some breeders insist that it is better not to feed this breed with dry feed at all.

Feeding the English Bulldog with Natural Products

Feeding English Bulldogs should be different from feeding dogs of other breeds due to the predisposition of bulldogs to urolithiasis. Therefore, they can not be fed exclusively meat.

Because of the physical characteristics of the bulldogs, they cannot be fed only with soup. Most of the diet should consist of cereals, vegetables and fruits.

  • Meat in the menu should be about 40%. Without restrictions, you can give kefir, ryazhenka and yogurt. Fish, cheeses and feed additives, as well as any baked goods and potatoes should be excluded from the diet. Bulldog semolina and oat-flakes are not needed.
  • Meat is best beef, from offal - everything except the spleen. As delicacies, it is better to offer smoked or raw pork or beef ears, tendon toys.
  • Of the cereals it is worth cooking rice and buckwheat, be sure to give boiled vegetables and raw fruits. Only caution with cabbage and legumes, a large number of them can cause indigestion.
  • Eggs a dog needs no more than three pieces per week. Only cheese, cottage cheese or kefir are suitable for an adult dog made from dairy products.
  • Fish can only be sea and no more than once a week.
  • Sausages with sausages, sweets, pickles and other delicacies are absolutely contraindicated in the English Bulldog. All this can cause allergies and strong tears from the eyes.
  • It is good to add sunflower oil (with grated vegetables) and mineral additives for dogs to feed.

The diet of an English Bulldog puppy to three months should be much richer. He is given both potatoes, and rolled oats, and milk.

Feeding an English Bulldog puppy and an adult dog dry food

English Bulldogs are prone to food allergies. Therefore, choosing food, for a start it is worth buying test doses and giving each new food just a little bit in the form of a treat and watch the animals carefully for a couple of days.

However, there are breeders who are generally against feeding this breed with dry food. Choosing a dry food for the English Bulldog, you need to be guided by the amount of protein in it. It should be quite a lot.

In addition, the bulldog has a number of physiological features, due to which the dog has difficulty with the capture of food. She does not crush it, but swallows it. Also, dogs of this breed have difficulty breathing during eating and digestion. Often there is swelling of the intestine due to the fact that the diaphragm is wound on the digestive organs. The bulldog is not inclined to actively expend energy and is prone to being overweight, which often damages the joints.

Based on these problems, dry food for the English Bulldog should be especially balanced and easily digestible, with a minimum of products prone to cause allergies. Some companies produce special food intended specifically for representatives of this breed, for example, Royal Canin.



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