What are kogterezki for dogs?

Kogterezka - the tool necessary for each dog. Dog claws should be regularly and fairly carefully maintained.

When they are too long, they make it harder for the animal to walk and can even lead to inflammation of the pads. Also unsheathed claws can cause deformation of the paws. In such cases, the paw pads remain apart, and do not come together. After some time, the paw in such a position atrophies and it is difficult for him to walk.

For grooming dog claws, it is better not to use human scissors, for this you need special nail cutters for dogs.

Types of kogterezok for dogs

Choosing the right tool will affect the success of cutting the claws. A good nail cutter should be stainless steel.

Now for sale two types of nail clippers: sickle blades and guillotine. Sickle blade tools are suitable for thick and strong claws of large breed dogs. They have a limiter that adjusts the size of the opening of the tool and is adjusted to the size of the claw.

Guillotine claws, on the contrary, are intended for trimming claws of representatives of small and medium breeds. The claw is first inserted into the ring of the tool, and then cut off.

Also the tool for grooming claws in dogs is different sizes. On the handles, there are more often rubber pads that prevent the hand from slipping during this important procedure.

How to teach a dog to kogterezke

If the dog is afraid of the tool, then it can turn out and twitch. So she will not give good shorn claws and even get hurt. Therefore, it must be taught to kogterezke.

It is necessary to include the tool in the game with the dog, more often to show it to the animal, clicking it. If the dog responds correctly to the claw cutter, you need to give it a treat. If frightened - give time to calm down.

It is also important to teach the dog to hold a paw. It is necessary to ask the pet to give a paw and keep it on weight, slightly pressing down on the pads so that the claws elongate. Gradually, the time of holding the paws need to increase and repeat the game several times a day. After a successful exercise, a pet deserves a treat.


Prices for nail clippers vary depending on the size, type and manufacturer of the manufacturer. For example, the tool for small dogs of the company Ferplast ranges from 160-200 rubles. Nail clippers from LUXE - 250-300 rubles. A tool for large breeds of dogs produced by Iv San Bernard costs about 550-600 rubles.



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