Feeding Caucasian Shepherd Dog: Puppy and Adult Dog

Caucasian Shepherd is a very large dog with massive bones. In order for such an animal to be strong enough and strong, it needs a special approach to feeding.

Features feeding Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd is a very ancient and unpretentious breed. As a rule, these dogs have a great appetite and they eat almost everything. This becomes a danger to them, because the owners often overfeed such large dogs. In the course are the forbidden "nourishing" products such as bacon, poultry bones, smoked meat, salted or fried. Such a "diet" can threaten a dog with obesity and other health problems.

The proper nutrition of an adult Caucasian Shepherd should include meat: raw beef (at least 600 grams per day), boiled chicken, raw sea fish, any vegetables in raw or boiled form, grated raw carrots with sunflower oil are very useful. In the spring and summer it is good to give young nettles, sprinkled with boiling water and finely chopped. The meat diet also includes by-products: liver, heart, scar.

Caucasians do not need to give milk (even a puppy), it is better to replace it with kefir, yogurt or ryazhenka. In a raw egg dog, only the yolk is beneficial; in a boiled one, all is possible - once a week.

The most useful cereal is rice. Also good: buckwheat pierced and a mixture of various cereals except the Hercules. Oatmeal is generally not desirable Caucasians.

Cheese is useful as a delicacy. Any fruit will do, especially grated green apple and banana, which improves intestinal function.

Caucasian Shepherd Puppy Feeding



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