When is needed a glowing collar for dogs?

For many dog ​​breeders, walking a dog in the autumn-winter period seems like sheer torture. The day is rapidly declining and from October to April the dog has to walk in the dark.

And those who walk early in the morning, in general, half a year, bringing the dog to the street only in darkness. At the same time, young and not sufficiently obedient animals, as well as hunting dogs with a strong instinct, snoopers often strive to escape somewhere "on their own" business. And they also do not react to the calls of the owner. What can we say about the cable, smelling bitch, ready for fertilization.

But walking the dog constantly on a short leash is also not good. Especially if she lives in the city and without that limited activity.

In such a situation, a luminous collar for dogs becomes a good solution for the owner. It helps to see the movement of the animal in the dark and, thus, fully control the situation and quickly find a pet.

Types of luminous collars for dogs

As a rule, a LED strip with a switch is sewn into the synthetic collar. In the simplest models, the backlight works continuously, and in more complex models, you can select one of three modes by successively pressing a button.

The collar can glow constantly, blinking occasionally and often blinking. Since the LED strip has a certain color, the collar can glow with a different color to taste or in contrast to the color of the dog: red, blue or green.

The power of such a collar is usually carried out from two batteries, although there are other options. For example, one special battery, the service life of which is designed for 120 hours of continuous operation.

The luminous collar can be picked up by both a large dog and the smallest pet thanks to its adjustable length and size. A leash is attached to it (read more about different models of dog leashes), so there is no need to put two collars on the dog: the main one and the luminous one.

There are also models of luminous collars for dogs, which consist of a reflective fabric insert and shimmering LEDs. Reflective insert allows drivers to spot an animal on the road in time. So you can maximize protect your dog in an urban setting.

Luminous colored LEDs will show the owner where the dog has run, even if it hid in dense thickets. Best of all in the dark is a flashing red light. As a rule, such a collar can be seen at a distance of more than 500 meters.

Read more about other models of dog collars.



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