How to feed a Chinese crested dog?

Despite its elegant appearance, the crested are not picky about food. Their special breed predilection are fruits and vegetables. In the diet of this breed must be vitamins A, D, E, as well as phosphorus and calcium.

Animals older than one and a half annual age should regularly arrange fasting days: once every two weeks. You can not feed the day or give only stewed or fresh cabbage.

If the Chinese crested is aging and has few teeth, natural food needs to be ground or fed with canned food for dogs.

Dry food must be selected necessarily for small breeds, you can diet. When feeding dry food a dog should always have fresh water.

Feeding a puppy with Chinese Crested

  • From two months the puppy is fed varied, but not overfeeding. In his diet should be kefir with low-fat cottage cheese in the consistency of sour cream, can be with finely chopped fruits and vegetables. Need and porridge or soup in a lean meat broth with vegetables. You can drink milk.
  • It is better to soak or fill up dry food with water - the puppy should drink a lot (for reviews of dry dog ​​food, read here). Be sure to include in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits: carrots, radishes, cabbage, parsley leaf, dill, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, apples.
  • No more than three times a week - a raw egg and a teaspoon of vegetable oil (preferably olive oil).
  • A puppy can also be given fresh meat: veal, beef, horsemeat - pulp, tripe, cartilage tissue, sometimes offal. From fish only not fat sea: cod, hake, ice, flounder.
  • It is better to give the meat raw, but if the puppy has a weak stool, then it is worth to scald the meat in boiling water or fry in a pan without oil.
  • After 4 months, milk is removed from the puppy's diet.

Forbidden foods in the food of Chinese Crested Dog

  • You can not give lamb, pork, poultry (especially raw) and any stew, lard, fats, bones; river fish, capelin; vegetables - beans and potatoes.
  • In the diet of the dog should not be flour and confectionery, smoked, fried, salty and sweet foods, such dairy products as sour cream, milk, butter, yogurt, fat cottage cheese, cheese. Not a delicacy for dogs and sausages, sausages, ham. They only spoil the liver.
  • Do not give spoiled food, hot or cold food (the optimum temperature is 38-40 degrees).
  • The Chinese crested dog has nothing to know about the taste of sweets and sugar. Any sweets violate digestion, spoil the appetite, but, most importantly - destroy the already not strong teeth of this breed. They also have a bad effect on the eyes of the crested. They begin to water, leaving red tracks on their faces.

Also, you can not pour dry food for dogs with hot water and add spices to your dog food: bay leaf, pepper, spicy tomato sauce.



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