Rottweiler standard

Externally, the Rottweiler is a medium-sized, but not a squat dog. Her appearance should personify strength, dexterity and endurance.

Her calm look should express kindness and devotion. The Rottweiler behaves with confidence and courage, reacting with restraint to everything that is happening around and nothing escapes its keen eye. His height to the withers reaches 61 - 68 cm in males and 56 - 63 cm in bitches.

Sex differences are always very vivid. For both sexes Rottweiler standard distinguishes up to 4 dog sizes: small, medium, above average and high. But this does not mean that there is a dwarf and giant rottweiler, that is, that they are different breeds of dogs.

Rottweiler breed is one. It allows for a variety of sizes, since this is how historical rottweiler characteristics. The head of a Rottweiler is slightly elongated and rather wide between the ears.

The correct ratio is 37% of the height of the body at the level of the nape for males and 36% for females. In Rottweiler bitches, the head is noticeably lighter than in males. But the Rottweiler is a real brachycephalic because the transverse diameter of its head exceeds the longitudinal. The skull should be 60% of the total head length, and the muzzle is only 40%. Rottweiler has pronounced nose bridge and cheekbones. Lips tight. Pigmentation gums bright. The black nose is quite wide with large nostrils.

Eyes almond-shaped, dark brown with tight-fitting eyelids. The ears are small, without folds, triangular in shape. They hang a little and are wide apart. They should fit snugly to the head. Bite scissor-like. The teeth are even. They grow all over the jaw. The neck is medium long, strong, muscular. The skin on it is tightly stretched. In its structure, the Rottweiler is proportional.


Rottweiler chest volume should exceed growth by approximately 20%. The height of the chest should be 48-49% of the height of the height of the neck. The chest should be wide, mighty and muscular. The rib cage is well developed, the joints are strong. The line of the back is straight and strong. The loin is short, strong.

The croup is wide, of medium length, slightly rounded. The shoulders are long and muscular. The shoulder angle should be about 115 degrees. The front legs, when viewed from the front, should be straight, but not too shifted. Hips should be wide and muscular, legs long and strong, ankles strong, with a pronounced angle. When viewed from the back, the limbs of the Rottweiler should be strictly vertical.

Wool these dogs have a thick, hard, semi long with a thick undercoat. The suit is black with well-defined burns of a reddish-brown hue. Rottweiler is a great runner. His movements should reflect strength, endurance and determination. He has a smooth, confident, energetic and springy tread, a wide step in which the back line always remains smooth and firm.



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