Do clothes need a miniature schnauzer?

Miniature Schnauzer - representative of the smallest in the world of official breed of dogs. He has a thick and very tough coat. It consists of a hard top coat that fits tightly to the body and a thick undercoat.

Such a cover, as if with a shell, covers a dog, reliably protecting it from getting wet in light rain, frost and wind. Only on the paws, the wool of the tsverg is less rigid.

Due to such qualities of wool, the tsvergs do not need clothes for the sake of warming. Such a dog will not need a pajama and a home tracksuit, it always feels warm in the house. However, aggressive outdoor environment often forces the owner of the dog to take care of the protection of his pet.

Winter demi-season clothes for miniature schnauzer

For the winter and off-season, the miniature schnauzer will need two overalls to protect from dirt in wet weather. It is undesirable to bathe a dog with such a thick coat more than once a month. It gets wet through and then this wool dries for a very long time.

In wet and dirty weather, a dog may get dirty twice a day. In order not to expose her to bathing after each walk, it is better to wear a light jumpsuit. The second will need to be replaced while the first one dries after washing.

In winter, to minus fifteen degrees, the miniature schnauzer will not freeze outside, but it is better to wear boots on its paws. First, because the paws of the dog are less protected from frost, and secondly, they must be protected from aggressive reagents.

Snow in cities is often sprinkled with salt and other chemical reagents, traces of oil and gasoline remain from cars, and the dog after a walk licks its paws and can get poisoned. These substances are not useful for the skin on the legs of the animal. Therefore, shoes for dogs in these cases will be very useful.

In addition, fragments of glass and ice, which are also very dangerous for dog paws, are easily hidden under the snow.

For a harsh winter (at minus 20 degrees and below) and the miniature schnauzer will need a warm jumpsuit for a walk. It can be a bolognese model with a sinteponovoy lining, a knitted version of natural wool or even a glamorous fur coat.

Summer clothes for the miniature schnauzer

Thick coat of dogs of this breed does not allow the dog to overheat. Although the black-colored tsverg may be uncomfortable in the hot summer. Such a dog should get a light overalls or a light-colored bash that must be made of natural fabric: flax, cotton or even silk.

It will take a light overalls and dog, if it is taken to rest on the nature. In the tall grass and under the trees in the summer months there are many ticks, which are firmly fixed in the thick and tough wool of the miniature schnauzer. You can see and find them only after the bloodsucker has already pierced the dog's skin. Therefore, it is better to protect the pet with an additional barrier against insects that carry dangerous diseases.



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