How to treat flatulence or bloating in dogs?

Bloating for the dog is not uncommon. However, this is a rather dangerous condition due to the fact that stretching with gases leads to obstruction of the esophagus, and even torsion of the stomach and its further displacement.

As a result, the lungs and venous outflow are disturbed, cardiovascular insufficiency occurs, the animal experiences rapid shock and dies literally within one to two hours. Bloating in a dog is called flatulence.

Causes of bloating in dogs

  • Gases are always formed in the intestines as a result of digestion. But in a normal situation, they move up the intestines and are pushed out.
  • Often, excessive flatulence in the intestines occurs when air is swallowed while eating, when the dog eats too fast, swallowing whole food.
  • The most common cause of flatulence is a deep breakdown of the digestive system. They cause a large amount of gas to build up in the stomach, which is caused by the rotting of food debris. This happens when the intestines hardly digest some foods.
  • Also, flatulence may be accompanied by food allergies and bowel disease, disrupting its normal operation.


Flatulence can be acute, delayed and chronic. In the chronic course of the disease, it does not manifest itself especially, but over time, the animal experiences irregularities in the liver and pancreas, which increasingly lead to improper digestion of food.

Veterinarians often blame dry food with soybeans for developing this condition.

Much more dangerous is the acute form of the disease. The dog whines and worries, its stomach is swollen and tense, diarrhea and vomiting may develop, appetite decreases, its gums become bluish or gray. An urgent appeal is required to the veterinarian, who will conduct the necessary research to eliminate the deficiency of digestive enzymes and bowel disease. As a rule, analyzes of feces and blood are taken, an X-ray is done to the dog.

Treatment of bloating in dogs

The main task in the treatment of flatulence is to relieve bloating of the stomach. To do this, wash the stomach with a rotoesophageal probe and introduce sorbents into it. Sometimes veterinarians pierce the abdominal wall with a special needle - a trocar, for removing gases.

In severe cases, intensive therapy with stimulants of peristalsis with the support of the cardiovascular system.

Preventive measures of flatulence



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