What clothes do you need Chinese Crested?

If you can still doubt and argue on whether a fluffy dog ​​needs clothes, then in the case of the Chinese crested dog there can be no doubt. Due to the fact that this is a naked breed, she can not do without clothes.

Types of clothes for the Chinese Crested Dog

By and large, a bare dog needs clothes for all occasions. Of course, there is no need for a small pet to walk twice a day in a twenty-degree frost. In this situation, you can get by and cat tray. But the dog cannot be locked up either. Therefore, the Chinese crested for the winter need a warm jumpsuit with lining. Although the modern industry offers a wide variety of winter clothes for dogs: coats, sheepskin coats, jackets with pants, and even fur coats from natural fur.

  • It is necessary for the winter and footwear for warming and protection of small paws from sharp ice, glass and different chemicals.
  • Clothing is needed bare dog and all other seasons. In the spring and autumn, the universal protection will be a waterproof jumpsuit, also not with a very warm, but also lining.
  • For the summer, rain sprays are necessary. In the heat, a bare dog needs protection from direct sunlight. Therefore, she is dressed in T-shirts, pants and dresses made of fine natural fabrics.
  • The Chinese crested dog belongs to status breeds. She is often taken with her into the “light” and for such outlets designers also develop special clothes: ball gowns, tuxedos, tails and so on.

Knit or sew clothes on the dog with your own hands

The simplest thing you can sew with your Chinese crested is a sheath. It can be warm lined with padding polyester, from thin bologna to protect the dog from the rain and summer flax or cotton to protect from the scorching rays of the sun.

It is sewn quite simply. A rectangle is cut out, the length of which is the length of the back of the dog from the collar plus the half-grip of the neck and the length of the abdomen to the lower edge. The width of the rectangle is equal to the half-grip of the dog's chest at the widest point. An oval hole is cut into the rectangle into which the head will be pushed. The detail is trimmed with a tape and ribbons or velcro are sewn on the sides, which will fasten the boot on the dog. Read more about how to sew clothes with their own hands, read here.

Craftswomen with a great sewing experience can make any clothes for a dog, even building patterns by themselves for individual measurements. It is even easier for those who can knit. Knitted clothes for Chinese Crested dogs will be more comfortable than stitched. It does not hinder the movements of such an active restless as the Chinese Crested.



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