The most common diseases of Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested are quite susceptible to some very serious infectious diseases. Among them are deadly, such as: rabies, leptospirosis, plague carnivorous, adenovirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus enteritis.

To prevent these diseases, dogs are vaccinated. And until all the puppy vaccinations are done, it is impossible to walk and introduce them to other dogs.

A very unpleasant disease, peculiar to practically only Chinese crested - folliculitis. When it is on the bare skin of the animal in the place where the undeveloped hair follicle is located, a pimple appears. After a few days, it is opened and a bleeding sore is formed. This may be due to impaired metabolic processes, problems with the pancreas or liver.

To successfully combat this problem, the dog needs a balanced diet with a complex of minerals and vitamins and every six months to undergo diagnosis of metabolic processes and other organs. Another common problem of a bare dog is cystitis and pyelonephritis. These diseases interfere with blood purification and nutrition of various body tissues.

Not uncommon for this breed of keratoconjunctivitis. The inflammatory process provokes the absence or lack of the necessary moistening of the cornea of ​​the eye. In this case, the cornea becomes brown, and yellow viscous discharges appear from the eyes. If you start the disease, the dog may become blind as a result. Early treatment fairly quickly and restores tears.

These dogs are also prone to allergies, including dry food. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful in transferring to a new food or introducing a new product into the diet. It is often difficult for such small and fragile dogs to give birth. They pose a danger to both mother and newborn puppies.

The most frequent injuries and congenital defects

This is a small but very active dog and it is not rare that it falls from chairs and sofas, where it gets to warm up. Therefore, one of the most frequent injuries of this breed is fractures and dislocation of the patella. Although it is also congenital in difficult childbirth.

The bare variety of this dog breed is very prone to sunburn of the skin. Therefore, the dog can not be walked in direct sunlight and in the summer to put on light clothes and a cap.

Another congenital disease of Chinese crested is Perthes disease or hip head osteochondropathy. Often she develops in semi-annual puppies. The dog begins to limp on one paw, gets tired, due to the pathology of the hip joint, the pelvis is reduced in size. Over time, the paw changes shape, shortens.

Breeds with a small mouth often have problems with their teeth. Dogs of this breed are often already born with an insufficient number of teeth. And at an early age, their teeth are already starting to fall out. Therefore, the bones of this breed do not give.



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