What and how to cure scabies in a dog?

Scabies in dogs is an unpleasant and contagious disease that is very easily transmitted and therefore needs urgent treatment. Called scabies tiny mite sarcoptes.

He does not see with the naked eye, and gnaws in the skin of the moves, which causes severe irritation. In addition, his entire body is covered with many hard spines, which makes scabies especially unbearable. (For more information about these dangerous parasites, read the article: "Ticks in dogs")

A dog of any age can get scabies. Most often, this disease spreads in kennels and rescue centers, where many dogs are kept together.

Scabies is transmitted from animals to humans. Moreover, a tick without a host can live for three days, which is enough to get human skin. Scabies affects any part of the skin, but more often the mite prefers to settle on the tips of dog ears, on the ankles and under the paws.

Symptoms of Scabies in Dogs

  • The dog constantly itches, combing the skin to wounds. She constantly gnaws and chews on the affected places, hoping to bring herself relief.
  • On the place of scratching bald spots appear due to the fact that wool falls out.
  • The affected skin appears inflamed red and layered.
  • Especially the affected skin bleeds and cracks, especially with constant scratching.

Treatment of scabies in dogs

Scabies are usually easy to diagnose. And her treatment is also quite simple. However, it may take more than a month to complete recovery.

As a rule, it is enough for a veterinarian to examine damaged skin to diagnose scabies. For making a correct diagnosis, dogs take deep skin scrapings from places, especially favorite ones for ticks. After that, the tick is examined under a microscope.

There is a special symptom called the “ear-foot reflex”. This is when the tick settles at the tip of the ears and the dog constantly tries to scratch the edge of the auricle. The mite is not found in such scrapings, therefore trial treatment with scabicides is used in such a situation. And if the condition of the animal has improved, then the diagnosis is correct.

Remove scabies mites with a special therapeutic shampoo for dogs. They need to bathe the animal weekly, sometimes up to a month and a half, until the skin condition improves and scabies finally pass.

There is also a liquid medicine that needs to process the skin of the animal. It kills ticks by being absorbed into the blood. Other drugs help to simply alleviate the suffering of the animal, that is, relieve irritation.

Scabies is usually transmitted from dog to dog, although foxes can be its source. And the dog does not have to communicate directly with the fox, it can get infected indirectly - from the pillars and branches that the foxes have lost about.



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