Boots for dogs - buy or make your own hands?

In an unfriendly to all living urban environment, boots for dogs are not a luxury and not a master's whim, but a real necessity.

Why does a dog need shoes?

If you are still considering buying a dog shoes or not, then consider:

  • In winter, the dog needs shoes in order to protect its paws from the effects of road chemicals, corrosive liquids, gasoline and oils on the carriageway, as well as fragments of sharp ice.
  • In the summer, the dog needs reliable protection against sharp and cutting objects: broken glass, spikes and thorns. This is especially true for still unknown places of walking or traveling to new territories.
  • Dog tourist boots are needed to protect against sharp stones in the mountains.
  • After any injury of a paw, especially a cut, the wound heals long and hard, but a dog (especially a large one) needs walking. Shoes become the best protection for a damaged paw on the street, and also protect it at home from various infections and the dog's wound.
  • An athlete dog needs shoes so that its paws do not wear out during long and intense loads on different hard surfaces: gravel, asphalt, concrete, crust, hard snow.
  • In inclement weather the boots will keep the paws of the dog clean and dry after walking through the puddles.

How to make shoes with your own hands

If you are not satisfied with the shoes that are on sale, then you can quickly and simply make shoes for your dog with your own hands. For example, for dry, including snowy weather, you can tie shoes. To do this, just cut the four soles of shoes from thick leather, suede or leatherette. They are made according to the size of the dog's feet, along with the claws. Then stockings height to an elbow and a hock joint knit. For a better fastening of the boot on the paw, it is worth stitching a velcro over the ankle and at the very top of the boot toe.

  • For the waterproof version of the shoes you need to cut out of a suitable material: bologna or leather.
  • It is possible to remove a measure from a paw, having put a dog on a piece of paper and having circled its paw in the form of an oval. The sole is cut with an allowance of a few centimeters. Next you need to determine the height of the tops, remembering that the long tops will not need additional fixation.
  • The top is cut in the form of a rectangle. One side is equal to the desired height of the tops, and the second - the paw circumference in the joint with an allowance.
  • The top is sewn to the future sole, and then a felt insole is glued inside. A lace or elastic band is inserted into the boot, which will secure the boot on the dog paw.

How to teach a dog to wear shoes?

Shooting a dog, you need to divert its attention from the shoes with a treat. First you need to shove the forepaw into the shoe so that the claws rest on the cape of the boot. In order for the dog to feel comfortable and instinctively not pressing its fingers, you need to lightly press on the toes of the paw above and below through the shoe to straighten them. Then the paw will take the desired position in the shoe, taking out the claws to the cape of the boot.

After that, the shoe must be firmly fastened by tightening the elastic or the buckle so that the shoes do not hang out.

Wearing the rest of the shoes, the dog must be taken on a short leash and forced to walk alongside, diverting its attention from the shoes with a treat or a toy. Five minutes is usually enough to get the dog used to wearing shoes. The main thing is to switch her attention in time from the shoes to something interesting: a delicacy, a toy, etc.



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