The history of the breed Bordeaux mastiff

Bordeaux mastiff from the ancient mastiffs that accompanied the Celtic tribes who moved from the early areas inhabited by Indo-Europeans to the central and then to Western Europe, occurs. Marc Terentius Crow described these dogs back in the 50th year BC.

However, this information is contradicted by the fact that archaeologists have found the bones of ancient dogs with the same characteristics as the Bordeaux mastiff and in France.

There is no exact information about the origin of guard dogs. They apparently had one common ancestor. Indeed, these dogs look the same in ancient historical books and modern video films. Such a dog can be recognized as an ancestor of both the Mastiff and the Argentine Great Dane and the Mastino Neapolitano and Bordeaux Great Dane and a dozen other breeds.

Apparently there is some truth in all versions. Different groups of animals could have come from an ancient watch dog. Naturally, there are no photographs proving this, but there are picturesque evidences. It is true that in simplified images one guard dog is difficult to distinguish from another. As for the written descriptions, they are almost all the same. The ancient guard dogs made a vivid impression on all who saw them for the first time, therefore their descriptions are very emotional and almost always sin exaggerations.

The authors write about dogs the size of a donkey, capable in one instant to bite an iron bar. This is hardly true. Although there are plausible descriptions of coat color or shape of the mouth. It's clear. A person shocked by an unprecedented spectacle is emotional in a story about him. There can be no subtleties. Unfortunately, today's dog breeders got little useful evidence to establish the ancestors of various modern breeds. They are forced to try to guess them. Exact information about the Bordeaux mastiff appears only in the Middle Ages. The gothic tower of the Cathedral of the city of Korkason, built in 1300, is decorated with a relief of the head of a dog that strongly resembles our Great Dane.

In written evidence, the so-called Aquitanian dog is mentioned, used for hunting, guarding and unfortunately for fighting with other animals. Aquitaine dogs were 3 types: Toulouse, Parisian and Bordeaux. The latter are a possible ancestor of the Bordeaux doggie. The newest history of the breed is well known. Its beginning, 1863 - the year of the 1st dog show in Paris. It Bordeaux dogs were exactly under this name and became the protagonists of the competition. The winner was a dog named Magenta. His height at the withers was 70 centimeters. In the future, the size of the dog decreased. Perhaps because of crossbreeding with the Great Dane.



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