Rottweiler Testing

A good guard dog should distinguish friends from enemies, a joke from aggression, etc. But she will not be able to form an idea of ​​the world if she is deprived of her contacts with people, children and other animals.

It should be borne in mind that every person living in society may someday be subjected to aggression, although most of the time he spends in a relaxed atmosphere and with nice people.

It must understand the dog. The norm is a calm attitude, not a quarrel. Therefore, when rottweilers intended for breeding offspring are tested, their mental balance is carefully checked.

Rottweilers are placed in the middle of a fairly lively group of people who behave quite harmlessly. If in such an environment the dog is aggressive, it does not pass the test. If the dog behaved calmly, then it is subjected to the following testing. Now she must show her ability to defend herself if necessary. Finally, and most importantly, she must demonstrate absolute obedience, that is, immediately retreat at the command of the host.

Here are the requirements that the Rottweiler club makes, makes to animals to recognize them as suitable for reproduction:

Willingness to protect, obedience, poise and controllability. So the dog that passed this test is unlikely to ever become the heroine of scandalous newspaper headlines. If they write about her, then only about her valiant deeds.

This is what concerns the testing of a Rottweiler for the purpose of breeding offspring and concerns its nature. In fact, the rottweiler physique is also tested. The expert examines the dog from the beginning in a stationary position, and then in motion, as is usually done at exhibitions.

In addition, it measures the height of the rottweiler to the neck, length of the body, height and circumference of the chest. For inspection, special tools are used to align the structure of the head and accurately determine the color of the eyes. Especially carefully examine the teeth, as in this breed of dogs is often the wrong bite, especially prognathism. (See dogs of different breeds)

Test results can be very useful for further care of the dog. Therefore, owners of Rottweilers should expose their pets to similar tests. Even if it is a domestic dog.

Of course, testing includes an attack readiness check, which requires some training. But, as already mentioned, every owner must be able to control his dog. The easiest way to achieve this is to spend time training it.

It is necessary to choose a school whose instructor is well versed in the characteristics of this breed. After all, a Rottweiler can not be raised as well as a German Shepherd or Doberman.



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