What is the socialization of the dog?

The ideal dog always behaves adequately. She does not bark at passers-by, does not bite at the reception at the vet, does not shake from fear from the sounds of firecrackers or car sirens. She is completely calm and confident in the forest and on the busy sidewalk, in the park and the multi-sided exhibition.

The perfect dog does not roar at any children, on foreign territory it is indifferent to strangers and is not aggressively alert at home "square meters". He obey the owner without question and respects all family members. There can be no talk of him snarling, guarding his bowl at home.

To raise such a dog, it must be socialized in time.

What is dog socialization?

Socialization is the training of a dog to identify, recognize and remember potential social partners and interact with them correctly. The absence or incorrect socialization develops the dog’s alertness towards people and animals and causes difficulties in running the dog.

At puppy age, the maturation of the animal's nervous system occurs with the active influence of the external environment. The dog needs active sensory stimulation with smells, noise, taste and visual stimuli, changes in the environment and environment. Without this, the process of formation of the nervous system is disturbed, and, accordingly, the behavior, the development of the organism is inhibited.

Syndromes cottage or apartment dogs and their socialization

Recently, it is fashionable to start pedigreed dogs in country houses, where they freely run around the territory and communicate with the owner and family. On its territory, such a dog behaves adequately, but it is worth taking it out to the “light” as it becomes insecure and fearful.

In order to socialize a cottage dog, it is necessary to take it more often with you on trips, to walk in crowded places, to go to exhibitions, even if you are a spectator. If the animal is nervous, you need to calm down, caress and continue the walk.

  • In an unfamiliar place, you can take your favorite dog toy or treat, invite a neighbor with your dog’s “friend” or “friend”.
  • Be calm and confident, with your appearance showing that the new atmosphere is completely normal. Gradually, the puppy will understand that what is happening around is not dangerous. For the right behavior you need to be encouraged with a delicacy.

Socialization of apartment dogs

In the same way, apartment dogs socialize, regardless of the breed. Although most often socialization require small breeds. The hosts teach them to the cat tray and in as a result, they allow themselves to walk less often, expecting good weather. The dog sits at home and "runs wild", there are serious imbalances in its behavior, the puppy's psyche develops in a flawed version.

These dogs more often than others fall under the cars, get lost on the street, are bitten by other dogs or furiously bark and bite people. It is hysterical barking for no reason - the card of a dog with "apartment syndrome".

To avoid these problems, you need to gradually socialize the dog from puppyhood.



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