What if the dog bites the legs of guests or strangers?

Small dogs often have an unpleasant story. They bite on people's feet. Especially goes to the guests of the owners of such a dog. There are several reasons for this behavior, and they differ in puppies and adult dogs.

What if a puppy bites?

A puppy knows the world with his teeth and therefore biting him is a rather natural behavior. However, it is unpleasant for people and to avoid meeting with a dog, even with baby teeth, you need to follow certain rules.

  • First of all, you do not need to demonstrate your puppy legs as an opportunity to play. People often entertain a puppy by moving their toes. Naturally, the puppy perceives the fingers as a toy and gets used to it.
  • If the puppy begins to show attention to the legs, it must be distracted by a toy, if this fails, leave him in another room, ignoring it.
  • Teach your puppy to the team "It is impossible", saying it sharply and harshly, you can slam your hands or a newspaper in front of the puppy's muzzle, as if punishing him.
  • “Snarl” at a puppy with an embittered intonation or shake him gently by the scruff of his neck, sternly reading out his voice. After this, deprive him of his society for 30 minutes.
  • Gazing at the puppy in the eye, suppresses it with his own look, you can add a deaf growl. You can short sharp jerks easily hit his fingers in the neck, imitating the mouth of the dog. So you need to achieve the posture of submission, when the puppy will fall on his back.

What to do when an adult dog bites?

For an adult dog, biting is not a game. She behaves this way because she considers herself in the main house. She decides who will come to her house, what he can take and where to sit.

And if an adult dog behaves this way, it means that the puppy was given the same antics from the hands, laughing and cheering him on. Now a real home tyrant has grown.

But with an adult dog, all is not lost and there is an opportunity to get rid of its biting.



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