Features of care and maintenance of chihuahuas

Before bringing a Chihuahua puppy into the house, he needs to prepare a bed with bedding or a special dog house, and possibly a small playpen, two bowls for food and water, toys, a toilet tray.

A little later, for the care of a chihuahua you will need a brush for wool, a nail clipper and special shampoos.

Important points in keeping chihuahuas

  • Place a puppy should be in a warm corner without drafts. It is not necessary to take the baby in bed, it can be easily crushed. Yes, and for educational purposes is very bad. It is better to put his bed near his bed at first, and if he whines at night, just lower his hand and stroke.
  • Also, if you put a dog on a sofa or in a chair, you cannot leave it there unattended. It is necessary to lower to the floor. Independently jumping from a height such a crumb can be injured. And if the puppy does not dare to jump, and wants to go to the toilet, he may not be able to suffer and stain the furniture. And it can be the norm for him.
  • Chihuahuas are quickly accustomed to the toilet. It is necessary after sleep or food to watch the dog. As soon as she begins to sniff and spin in place, she should be landed on a pallet with a diaper. After - praise.
  • It is very important to be able to properly take, lift and hold in your hands this crumb. It is necessary to hold very tightly so that the dog does not fall. Such a height for the crumb can be fatal. On the floor you need to immediately put on all four paws, supporting with both hands and avoiding a jump. Raise under the tummy and breast, and not by the legs or head.
  • You need to walk the dog on a harness with a leash, because without a leash the baby can be released only in its own well-fenced area, for example, a cottage. In case of danger: a car, a large dog, a cyclist, etc., a doggie can always be lifted up straight into the arms with a harness.

This is a rather tender dog and in frosty or wet weather it is better to walk it in your bosom. You can buy winter and demi-season overalls in a special store or stitch yourself.


How much is a chihuahua? The price of a Chihuahua puppy depends on many factors.

The cost of the most expensive puppies (1000-2000 in. E.) With the pedigree of the dog, which confirms the origin and breeding value of the dog. In addition, the dog must have a veterinary passport with the first vaccination for a two-month puppy. Such dogs can be found in kennels and breeders.

The price will be even higher (up to 5000 in. E.) If you need a show dog without the slightest flaws or for breeding.

If neither the documents about the origin, nor the exhibition and breeding career is of interest, then it is possible to find an easier version for the breeders. A puppy without documents in Moscow costs about 250-700 y. e. However, even such a puppy must have a vetpasport and age vaccinations.



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