What to do if dogs fight

Every dog ​​owner needs to be able to separate the dog fights, which are dangerous not only for direct participants, but also for the owners. Because it is very important to respond to such fights and clearly understand the sequence of actions. If dogs are fighting in front of your eyes, what to do, how to separate them?

What not to do when fighting dogs

  • It makes no sense to shout at dogs, beat them with something. This will only provoke a fight.
  • You can not wave your hands and generally rush into the thick of the fight, trying to push the fighting. Chance to be stunned.
  • In no case can not grab the dog by the collar. There is a high probability of being bitten. In the heat of a fight, the dog "loses its head" and it is driven only by the survival instinct. She no longer perceives the master as an authority. For her, the one who grabs the collar is another enemy and she reflexively responds to any external influence with her teeth.
  • You should not use a stun gun, his dog may not notice, but he will see his hand and may bite.

How to properly separate the dog fight

One person will not cope with this, for this we need two people. Everyone should grab one dog by its hind legs, like a wheelbarrow by the handles. And then to drag the dogs apart from each other in different directions.

After the dogs are separated from each other, they can not be let go, otherwise the fight will begin again. Dogs should be slowly turned to the side so that they walked with their front paws, backing away. Then the dog will not be able to wriggle out and bite the one who holds it.

Photo: Dogs are fighting. How to separate them?

While you are slowly moving backwards, gradually turning to the side, the dog will not do any harm. Letting go of the dogs is possible only when one of them is dragged to a place where it can be locked up: another room or an open-air cage for dogs.

If a person is face to face with a dog fight, you can put a loop on the leash on the leg of one of the dogs. Now, retreating, you need to carefully drag to any object where the leash can be tied (tree, fence). After that, you need to go behind the other dog and grab it by the hind legs, pull it away from its tied to another room or behind a fence. Only after that its paws can be released.

Now you can untie the first dog.

At the same time, a person should behave confidently and actively, asserting his leadership.

If one dog is lying on the ground, and the other is hanging over it, the dog, which is on top of the legs, is lifted with force and kept on weight until it loosens its grip. The other owner at this point should pull the dog down before she attacked. A dog with a tail can be made to release the grip if you lift it by the tail, holding it with two hands closer to the root of the tail.

If you are afraid to approach the fighting dogs to grab them by the paws, you can first try to temper the heat of the fight: throw a jacket on the dogs' heads, throw water on them, and whistle loudly.

It should be remembered that most often the cables are fighting with males, and bitches with bitches. Therefore, acquainting dogs for a walk to start they need to keep on leashes.

If a conflict occurs in a place where there are many dogs, you need to remove all animals as soon as possible, close them to pens, tie them to different trees so that they do not get each other. Then pay attention to the fighting couple.Read more article on this topic://dogsecrets.ru/stati/kak-raznyat-derushhikhsya-sobak.html



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