Why a dog or puppy hiccups and what to do?

Dogs often hiccup. Some dog breeders notice that this happens after a meal or a fright (especially in puppies), but it happens that the reasons for hiccups are not noticeable and are not initially clear.

Hiccup is a sharp reflex inhale that is associated with repeated contraction of the diaphragm.

Why does the dog hiccup?

A dog may have a hiccup long or short-term, it depends on the reasons for its occurrence.

  • Hiccups occur quickly in a puppy or adult dog after a sharp filling of the stomach. This happens when the dog eats too fast and eagerly. The same hiccups occur if the dog eats dry food and with this it does not have enough water. Therefore, puppies should soak dry food in water.
  • A puppy may hiccup after rough games with you or peers. He just has a dry nose and needs to drink.
  • Also, puppies often hiccup from hypothermia, especially if they are small shorthair or naked. Then you need to wear it even in the apartment, because the puppy is on the floor, where there can be drafts.
  • If the dog has hiccups for a long time, the reasons may be more serious: a foreign object in the stomach, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (for example, acute gastritis), worms in puppies, dirofilariasis.

With a long hiccups, a heart attack can begin or it indicates damage to the central nervous system, if the animals had a serious illness (plague of carnivorous, etc.).

What to do when the dog hiccups?

  • For short-term hiccups after eating the dog should be drunk with warm water. You can also give the dog to eat a piece of sugar.
  • If the puppy eats too quickly and swallows the air, but after eating refuses water, you can gently massage his stomach. Also, puppies need to regularly banish worms.
  • If the hiccups do not pass, some dog breeders advise to take the animal by the front paws and raise them so that it will stand a little on the back. This exercise is worth about three minutes.
  • Hiccup and this time did not pass? Then you need to prick the dog metoclopramide. This is a specific dopamine receptor blocker that calms hiccups, especially if it is associated with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

If long hiccups are not uncommon for your dog, you should contact your veterinarian and be examined. Most likely, the health of the dog is a serious problem and it needs the treatment of some disease.



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