The main mistakes in raising a puppy

When starting a puppy, the owner must know in advance how to properly raise a dog. Mistakes made in the first months of development can seriously ruin the relationship with a pet.

The most common mistakes in raising a puppy

1. Leave the dog without communication. Beginning dog breeders are very afraid of dog diseases and try to protect the puppy from any communication for up to six months. However, childhood spent in retreat, badly affects the psyche of the dog. She develops fears, and behind them, aggressiveness.

Therefore, you need to constantly acquaint the puppy with new people, animals (the same cats), to carry in different vehicles and to new territories.

2. To be impermanent in prohibitions. It confuses the animal. It cannot understand why yesterday it was possible to sleep in the master's bed, but today it is already impossible. And as a result, the dog will begin to dictate its rules, convenient to it.

Therefore, all family members should clearly know and follow the same rules regarding the dog. She should know for sure if “no” is possible, then it can never be under any circumstances.

3. Pamper your dog goodies. Delicacies for the dog should be a kind of money, which she must earn. If you indulge her "sweets" just like that, they lose their value and can no longer be used for dog training. Even if the dog knows some commands perfectly well, let them execute them each time, earning rewards.

In addition, an abundance of goodies spoils the appetite and is bad for the stomach of the animal.

4. To punish a dog is also a mistake. The puppy understands that you are angry, but does not associate it with your behavior. Therefore, the cry and the more slaps lead only to the fact that the dog will be afraid of the owner, and not to love and respect.

You can slightly raise your voice at the very moment of the commission of the "crime" and clearly say: "It is impossible!" If two or three minutes have already passed, the dog will lose the connection between the offense and the ban.

5. Rarely train. A puppy already at an early age forms bad habits and without constant correction of behavior, it will be difficult to get rid of them in adulthood.

The task of the owner is to start training the puppy already from 8 weeks old. These should be the command to sit "Sit!" and "Stand!" This is the most favorable age for the development of norms of behavior.

6. The lack of movement. Often people start a dog, not realizing that walking with it takes at least two hours a day. They take her out in the morning and evening for 10 minutes, circling around the house, and believe that this is enough. However, the dog is a very energetic animal. And if this energy does not translate into physical activity, then it will go into bad behavior, aggression, and unreasonable barking.

Therefore, it is necessary to find an opportunity to walk the dog for a long time, including not on a leash, to play with it with the ball, to play sports.

7. Lack of mental activity. Without the use of its brain activity, the animal is bored. If the puppy is left alone at home, he needs to give toys. Often play with him and practice dressage.

8. Errors in training also often spoil the behavior of the dog. The most common and harmful mistake is punishment when calling. If the dog did something wrong, and then went up to the call, and you punished her, she would be afraid to go. She has an association that it was with this that she pissed you off. After the command "Ko me" never punish the dog.

9. Incorrect priming to the toilet. Spears puppy nose in a puddle or a bunch will not lead to his patience. This is a physiological need and there should not be a terrible association with it. Just overlap a place where "it" can be made newspapers and gradually narrow this penny, removing one newspaper. At the same time regularly walk your puppy immediately after eating. Read more about how to teach a puppy to the toilet read here.

10. Punishment for natural behavior. People often interpret the behavior of a dog as "bad luck does." But animals are not capable of such offenses. They have good reasons to lick your face or write for joy, and maybe horror. Scolding for this behavior is not only meaningless, but also harmful to the puppy's psyche.

If you try to avoid these mistakes in raising a puppy, then with a high probability you will be able to grow a faithful and obedient pet.



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