Dalmatian breed character

Dalmatian real aristocrat, refined and discreet and at the same time, he is a playful, handsome naughty. Dalmatian gentle, cunning and naive, polite and sassy. He has many more qualities. But he is not a cartoon character. You should not perceive it as a toy and start because of a sudden fashion.

Dalmatians intelligent and sensitive creature with a strong character, which can be quite difficult. This is the kind of dog that people love. But with this animal is not easy. Dalmatians are not suitable for everyone. Puppies from the Disney cartoon "101 Dalmatians" are lovely. They are even more reliable than real puppies-actors shot in the game version of the film. Since, being trained by an animal trainer, puppies do not behave quite naturally. Reality is different from artistic fiction.


The reality is that the Dalmatian is in dire need of friendship with people. He cannot live alone in the courtyard. This dog is literally radiant with vital energy that spills out wherever possible. Outside the house, if the owner often leads his pet to run around or inside the house. Imagine, this dog is so clever that it can seem silly when it does not want to obey the owner. The Dalmatian is not ordinary acting data. It seems to you, that you have estimated them, having seen the Dalmatians in the cinema? At home, this actor will surprise you even more. Dalmatian knows how to pretend to be deaf, offended, dying of hunger. His game is Oscar-worthy. He is able to outshine the actors of the people.

What is common in the character of Dalmatian and horse?

In terms of acting talent, only horses can be compared to him. It is not by chance that they are considered the best friends of Dalmatians. A number of researchers explain this by the fact that in the past Dalmatians used dogs like page dogs who accompanied carriages with horses. But how do modern horses and dogs know that their ancestors once worked together? And even if they knew, can only this explain the sympathy that arises between them at first sight? Most likely you need to swap the cause and effect. The Dalmatian was instructed to accompany the carriage precisely because he naturally loved horses. This feeling is easy to explain.

Photo: Dalmatian Breed Character

Two of the most intelligent animals in the world, meeting drawn to each other. Horses have a very definite opinion about Dalmatians, which cannot be said about people. They judge these animals in different ways. Many people believe that the Dalmatian is handsome, but too stubborn and seeking his own can lead unpredictably.

Perfect Dalmatian host

Other people, on the contrary, are entranced by the fact that the Dalmatians, who can be loved more than other dogs for their character alone, are also beautiful. Who is right? Perhaps those and others. Different owners Dalmatians behaves differently. He demonstrates his virtues only to those who know how to communicate with him correctly. In this case, not only his mind, that is, the ability to perform the most difficult exercises, is manifested, but also his ability to communicate with people more like a human being than like a dog. For example, a Dalmatian who has realized his abilities, is pleased with life, likes to bring gifts to his mistress. Let it be just old slippers.

The main thing is not a gift, but attention. Some Dalmatians literally smile to arouse sympathy or to get permission for anything. Unfortunately the number of such dogs is limited. They are owned only by not many people. Those who managed to win not only love, but also the respect of the dog.

Dalmatians are too smart to love anyone, although they are friendly with everyone. However, if his master is absent-minded or, even worse, cruel or quick-tempered, the Dolmatin is removed from him because of what he seems to be stupid or stubborn. In essence, it is a sign of lack of respect. The dog, as if says: "I will not stoop to communicate with those who are not worthy of me, even if I love him.

Perfect Dalmatian host - a person as active and agile as the dog itself. This animal is not suitable for older people and young children, unless the parents have taught their child to treat the dog delicately. Children over 5 or 6 years old can become excellent Dalmatian comrades in his games. The ideal owner is a solid, resolute man, who, incidentally, is never cruel. This is not necessary. It is enough to change the tone of the voice for the dog to understand you. And an iron fist, even if in a velvet glove, can permanently spoil the character of a Dalmatian.

But the perfect owner is not must be weak. If the Dalmatians are allowed to do whatever they want, he will think of himself as a commander and become a real despot. True, his despotism would be more amusing than cruel. The ideal owner should not be afraid that there will be wool on his clothes. Dalmatians need constant physical contact with a person. This contributes to the development of his psyche. Finally, the ideal owner is always balanced. So you need to be in communication with any dog, but especially with a Dalmatian. Mood swings discourage the dog.

He will react to them, following his own logic. You demand that I get off the couch, although you allowed me to sit on it until yesterday? You're wrong! I will not leave this place! To achieve a trusting relationship with the dog, it is necessary to develop them from the first months of puppy life. You need to talk with him all the time. It is a mistake to think that he does not understand anything. A puppy will understand everything if the owner correctly expresses his thought. It is important to use the same commands each time, to change the tone of voice if you are not happy with the puppy. And most importantly - always remain calm.


Photo: Dalmatian Breed Character

Where did this dog come from, not like the others either in appearance or in character? About her distant past is known, unfortunately very little. One thing is clear - this breed is not bred in Dalmatia! The first representatives of this breed came to this area of ​​Croatia in the 30s of the 20th century from England. Spotted dogs were known in antiquity in the Middle East, in Egypt and Greece. According to some experts, the birthplace of the breed is the Middle East. From there she came to India, and then with the Gypsies to Europe.

If we know little about the distant past of the breed, then its recent history is well known and connected mainly with England. The British first brought Dalmatians, first began to use them to accompany the carriages, first reduced their height at the withers, so that it was not higher than the axis of the wheels of the crew. And so, in Dalmatia, the Dalmatians brought the British in the early 30s. Nevertheless, the International Federation of Kennels declared Croatia the birthplace of this breed.

Hygienic care for Dalmatians is not at all complicated. This dog is by nature a little dirty. Her skin almost does not smell like anything. To keep her in order, just stroke her with a rubber mitten or a special bristle glove. Then comb with a soft brush and wipe with a damp cloth. Every ten days you need to check the condition of your teeth and ears and clean them as needed. Contrary to popular belief, Dalmatians are not at all capricious in eating.

However, his diet must be treated carefully. It is important not to give Dalmatian too large portions, despite the fact that he eats food with great speed and often pretends that he is on the verge of a hungry fainting excess weight will affect the health of the dog. So try not to react to her look, pleading for the additive. Although it is very difficult. The specific problem of this breed of dogs is that the acid content in their urine is above average. So they have an increased risk of kidney stones. To avoid this, limit the diet of Dalmatian meat protein, replacing it with more noble proteins. Instead of red meat, give white, chicken or turkey, and sometimes also fish and low-fat cheese.

Dalmatians are one of the few breeds of dogs for which homemade food is preferable to ready-made dry dog ​​food. Since the food created with the characteristics of this breed of dogs, no. Dalmatians would be happy to benefit a person if you give him the opportunity. When he served in the fire and ambulance. Now he can guard the house. After all, he is very alert. Or be your companion and protector while walking. In addition, Dalmatians can engage in canine sports, especially in the agility discipline, which means agility. Natural agility, excellent physical shape, a lively mind allowed several Dalmatians to achieve the highest results in this sport, although they do not develop too much speed.

I hope you understand that the Dalmatian is unique not only because of his spotting. It is possible that the spots are the first that affects people in it. But after spending some time with him, people begin to talk more about the character of this dog, about its personality, about its ability to occupy an honorable place in the human family. How you respond to a Dalmatian depends on you. If you do not win his respect, you will join the ranks of those who consider the Dalmatian to be pretty, but stupid.

If you penetrate into his heart, into his soul, the rich and wonderful world of dogs will open before you. You will be tied to it all your life. There are a lot of dogs. They are all beautiful and charming. But only one of them will make you feel like a resident of a different, mysterious world, where two creatures of different types understand each other from the floor of their gaze. For you, dogs of other breeds and in general other dogs will cease to exist. No one person feels such joy and pride as the one who has managed to become the best friend of a Dalmatian.



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