Important points in the training and education of Chihuahua

Those who are convinced that dogs belonging to the number of decorative breeds do not need proper training are sincerely mistaken.

Representatives of the Chihuahua breed are primarily companion pets. Consequently, The main goal of their training and training is the development of qualities that are obligatory for a friend.

Comparison of the ill-manned human cub and the capricious ill-bred dog helps to prove that the Chihuahua is in dire need of training. You can not let the puppy education to chance, otherwise it will cause constant problems to their owners. Pets of the Chihuahua breed feel great human mood, they are smart and have the ability to influence the owner, forcing him to fulfill his own whims. This will help to correct the passage of the course of dog education and pet training basic commands submission.

First of all, the owner of a chihuahua must decide what the purpose of dog training is. This may be the subsequent participation in competitions and exhibitions, animal living in the family and so on. This determines the duration of classes and a set of commands required for mastering. Training begins immediately after the appearance of a pet in the house.

Basic Chihuahua Training Teams

The basic idea of ​​learning a Chihuahua puppy to perform basic commands is to understand the host’s reaction to his actions. The principle of working out standard commands like "Fu", "To me", "It is impossible", "Voice", "Sit!", "Lie" applies the same as for other breeds. How to properly train Chihuahuas to these teams read here.

Be sure to imply a reward that the Chihuahua receives for the successful and timely execution of the team. To consolidate a particular skill, it also requires frequent repetition.

Of course, if the participation of dogs in exhibitions is planned, the set of teams to study will increase significantly. A Chihuahua puppy should acquire special exhibition skills, say, not show aggression and excitement in the inspection process, be able to show bite, walk around the ring and so on.

As a rule, any pet Chihuahua, finding themselves in the family, chooses a leader. This will be a man whose dog will perform the commands without question, therefore, it is desirable that the role of the trainer should go to him.

Do not forget about the talent of representatives of this breed, allowing them to identify human weaknesses and successfully play them. The trainer must learn to solve such actions and not to succumb to provocation, showing perseverance.



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