What is remarkable professional dog food?

Professional dog food is food that kennels and breeders use. Such feeds belong to the premium class and their main difference from the usual food is that only high-quality products are used in their production.

Also in the professional dog food more than usual, the content of natural meat, and dyes are not used at all. All trace elements of professional food should be carefully balanced, since they are fed by producers, pregnant and lactating bitches, as well as puppies, which in the future will become the best representatives of the breed. However, certain types of food are clearly divided depending on the needs of the animal, which arise during a certain period of life: for pregnant and lactating bitches, puppies, adults, especially active animals, old or full-bodied.

Often in the formula of such feed laid prevention of certain diseases, which are often hereditary or may become such, spoiling the breed.

Why professional dog food is much more expensive than other food

Such feed is noticeably more expensive than many ordinary ones, however, due to the high degree of assimilation, it is needed much less for feeding. Thus, in general, the amount of feed can be significantly saved.

The appearance of professional food was due to the fact that veterinarians and nutritionists agreed on a significant relationship between the dog's nutrition and its health, performance and, in the end, the health of the offspring. Today it is already clear that a lot depends on a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. And in nutrition, the most important item is the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, the content of trace elements.

The composition of professional dog food

Properly chosen food gives the dog health, energy, excellent appearance and high-quality offspring.

The basis of a professional approach to the choice of food breeders is knowledge of the physiology of the digestive system and understanding of the anatomy of dogs. In this regard, the most important is the combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Dogs are predators and for the formation of their optimal diet can not do without animal proteins - fish and meat. It is this complete source of protein. Unlike vegetable proteins, only it contains 10 amino acids that are indispensable for predators, which are not synthesized in the body.

Proteins of animal origin are well digested and easier to break down in the digestive tract of a dog.

Fats are the most important source of energy and they must also be of animal origin: mutton, duck, fish. Such fats are perfectly absorbed by the body of a predator.

Breeders research and practice suggest that dogs need carbohydrates, however, some cereals, such as oats and wheat, are increasingly becoming the cause of food allergies in dogs. Therefore, rice and potatoes are used in the professional feed.

The food and phytocomponents are important: combinations of herbs and berries, which contain important nutrients and form a healthy intestinal microflora.



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