Food dog profine (profine) - quality food from the Czech manufacturer

ProFine dog food belongs to the super premium class, which consists of natural products. This food is produced in the Czech Republic and offers eight separate menus for dogs of different ages, sizes and health.

The Profine Super Premium series has been developed in accordance with the latest scientific research in the field of dog feeding and maintenance. Its main goal is to provide a safe, that is, natural food throughout the life of a pet.

ProFine, a manufacturer of food, believes that cereals, which are often found in dog food (wheat or barley), do not at all meet the requirements of a dog's body as an effective source of energy. Therefore, the veterinarians and nutritionists of the company have developed their own unique “low grain formula”. It combines potatoes in the most highly digestible form, as well as corn and tomatoes, which provide energy. Moreover, obtaining energy is not accompanied by side effects such as food allergies, diseases of the digestive and intestinal systems, problems with perception of food.

Types of profine dog food (profine)

The basis of feed for adult dogs is chicken and potatoes - at least 60 percent. The feed also includes chicken liver, corn, poultry and salmon fat, dried pulp of apples and beets, tomatoes, natural flavors.

To keep the body active and not aging for a long time, vitamin E and a whole complex of organic trace elements and vitamins are included in the feed. To enhance the immunity used formula Bio Plus. These are probiotics with various nutrients.

It is important for an adult dog to strengthen the heart and nervous system, for which omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are responsible for feeding. Health and beauty of the skin and wool provide biozinc with biotin.

Specialized food profile for puppies of small breeds is rich in chicken proteins, which ensure good digestibility and health of the digestive system. A food for puppies of large breeds cares for joints with glucosamine and chondroitin.

A source of vitamin E, a mixed tocopherol, is used as a preservative.

The diet for adult active dogs (athletes, hunters and workers) has a high content of natural meat. Together with vegetables in the composition of its feed at least 70 percent.

ProFine (Profine) for elderly premium dogs in addition to chicken contains dietary turkey meat.

Especially for dogs prone to allergies, developed a hypoallergenic formula based on meat of salmon and potatoes. Fat-prone dogs are suitable for lamb-based fodder, rich in easily digestible protein and low in fat.

ProFine is packaged in three sizes: 3, 15 and 20 kg, which is quite convenient for the owners.

Profine dog food is still little known to our consumers, so if you used it to feed your pet, please leave your feedback on this brand. Thereby you will help to make a correct choice to other visitors of our site.



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