How to wean a dog to jump on people?

It is very unpleasant when a joyful dog jumps on the owner or his friends, soiling his clothes with paws. However, this behavior can be quite easily corrected, regardless of the age of the dog.

These jumps are a completely natural behavior for the dog. In the wolf pack it is customary to return the snout when returning to the lair. Therefore, when the owner returns home, the dog intends to greet him by licking his face. But not all people enjoy this ritual.

There are several ways to change this state of affairs:

  • First way - ignoring the dog's greeting, dodging her jumps and turning her face away. And so on until the animal calms down. Only then can he be greeted by stroking.
  • Second way concluded to make the ritual of greeting as acceptable to a person as possible. To do this, going home, immediately lean over the dog, putting one hand forward to prevent jumping. Use your second hand to stroke the dog on the head and back, forcing him to sit down.

If the dog is small, then when jumping, it can be slightly pushed away with a hand, at the same time saying “fu” in a harsh voice. When you try again, strictly say “fu” again and push the dog more insistently.

A more humane way is to teach your puppy when trying to jump on people, the Sit command. First you need to teach the dog to perform this command well on its own. When the puppy masters this science well, going home will immediately give the Sit command. And only after the puppy correctly performs this command, you need to bend over and praise him: stroke and greet, as if performing the same ritual of the meeting.

To prevent the dog from licking its face, leaning towards it, you need to put one hand forward. At this time, the other hand needs to stroke the dog on the back, forcing him to sit.

If to be always consistent, and the rules of greeting do not change, the dogs will quickly get used to the new ritual of the meeting and will observe it.

If during a walk the dog jumps on friends, at this point you need to strictly pronounce the command "Fu" and jerk the leash on yourself. So you need to do every time, seeking obedience from the dog. Gradually bring the dog to stop its attempts only from one team.

When you are waiting for guests, it is better to put a collar and leash on the dog beforehand, straightening the dog when trying to jump on someone.



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