Distinctive features of dog food Club 4 paws

Dog food "Club 4 paws" premium class produces Ukrainian company LLC "Kormotech". The quality of this product was confirmed by the independent Dutch institute "Kennel De Morgenstond", which studies animal nutrition.

Especially highly appreciated the absorption of food and its taste advantages.

In the dog food "Club 4 paws" is used hermetic zipper. This is a new system for preserving freshness, which allows you to keep dry food with the maximum amount of useful trace elements and substances and to feed your pets to the owners always with only fresh food.

The composition of dog food club 4 paws

The manufacturer assures that the feed is made on high-tech equipment from high-quality raw materials and contains the necessary trace elements and vitamins for the full development of the animal: B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, K, PP, biotin, manganese, folic acid, iron, choline chloride, soil, potassium, a complex of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Different rations are intended for dogs of small breeds, medium and large. Also, separate menus are designed for active dogs, puppies up to 6 months and older, as well as hypoallergenic food. These formulations were developed under the guidance of Polish and American specialists and with the involvement of veterinarians.

The basis of all feed is meat and animal products, animal fats, rice, corn, wheat, vegetable oil, vegetable protein extract, fiber, beetroot.


For a long time she doubted whether to give her dog the feed "Club 4 paws". It is not capricious in me, but the words on the pack were alarming that the preservatives used in the EU were used in the feed. It is, of course, good that they are permitted, but still preservatives. And on the other hand, where without them? It is necessary to save products somehow.

I was bribed by the price of 800 rubles for 10 kg. And my Labrador came to feed to taste. The muzzle does not turn up, but as I take out the pack, he immediately starts jumping happily.

Ivanna, Moscow

I feed "4 paws" advised familiar dog breeders who have three pit bulls. And I have an adult spaniel and a German Shepherd puppy. So the spaniel eats very well. I had it three years ago on a naturalka, and now on dry food. She basically likes food.

But I’m probably going to change the special puppy menu for the shepherd dog. Allergies and diarrhea have no puppy, but eat very sluggishly. Sometimes it even turns over a full bowl, as if it does not want to eat at all. But other food super class premium eats with great appetite. And, most importantly - the weight is gaining poorly.

Olga, Kiev



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