Training a Rottweiler puppy and an adult dog

The Rottweiler is extremely smart and its training is very fast.

Features of rottweiler training

In his house, he can often play the role of a kind of clown and it is very funny to watch his behavior. Along with his high guard qualities, he is not the best in observant qualities due to the fact that he does not like to bark a lot. There are many dog ​​breeds that have the best observant qualities. You should know that the Rottweiler needs a lot of attention. You will have to devote all yourselves to him. We must seriously focus on its socialization and education. There is something magical about these animals. Initially, rottweilers were bred like a ferocious and aggressive breed of guard dogs, but with proper training they can be very soft. This dog can be absolutely cruel when it protects. But the reverse side of this breed of dogs is a kind and loving giant, affectionate beast. Rottweiler is among the 20 most popular breeds in the United States.

Rottweiler puppy training

Rottweiler is not for everyone, it needs to be seriously brought up. You need to be ready to invest an incredible amount of energy in the training of the puppy while he is still small, so that later this dog could protect you and at the same time would not be like a loaded gun. The Rottweiler is the most intelligent and easy to train dog breed. He very quickly masters new teams. This is just a fantastic dog if you train it correctly.

Rottweiler training is a must! Without a systematic upbringing and the subsequent purposeful training, even the most “intelligent from birth” puppy will grow up simply as an unhappy fool. But the best that is in a rottweiler is the result of centuries-old work precisely on improving the working qualities of the breed. A well-trained dog, of course, does not pass on its knowledge and skills to puppies, but they will inherit the intellect and susceptibility to learning from the mother.

Several generations of dogs that are not working, or even not trained, will ultimately lead to the loss of valuable working qualities of the breed as a whole, and then to degeneration.

From what age do you need to train a rottweiler?

They begin training on early on their own or on the training and training platform, usually from 8-12 months, and in educational, "home training" - from the moment the puppy is brought into the house.

It is very desirable that the owner of a Rottweiler take a few lessons from an experienced dog handler. Remember that a real professional dog handler does not train a dog, but teaches owners how to train their pets.



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