How to get rid of the smell of dog or what to do if the dog smells bad?

What if the dog smells bad? Many people think that the only way to get rid of dog smell is not to start a dog. But this is a fallacy! This is the norm! There is nothing terrible in the fact that a dog smells specifically after a walk or after its wool has become wet.

All dogs have a special smell, except perhaps for only those breeds that have hair instead of wool. However, this fragrance is barely perceptible, they should not smell like the whole apartment or, say, the owner's clothes ... According to the interviewed dog breeders, the shepherd dog is considered the most "fragrant" dog. The least smell from the toy terriers.

Causes of unpleasant smell

If a bad smell emanates from the dog that not only your guests feel, but also you yourself, there is cause for concern. There are several reasons for the stench ...

Hygiene violation

  • Wash the dog as needed, but at least once every 7-10 days. Sources of unpleasant odor are usually mouth and fur.
  • Brush your dog's teeth every other day.
  • In this case, be sure to use a special paste. As an alternative, serves children
  • Be sure to buy a special shampoo for dogs. Some dog breeders recommend using deodorant
  • You can wipe the dog's coat with a solution of vinegar and water (1/1) after bathing
  • Carefully process the pet's ears. Some dog breeders claim that it is from this part of the body that dog smell
  • Often owners of dogs use for treatment of wool sebazol. In no case do not spray your toilet water on your pet: animals' scent is much sharper, such an operation can cost your pet's scent!
  • After each walk, wash the dog's paws, belly and area near the tail.

Poor quality cleaning

Puddles for a dog need not only to wipe with paper napkins, but also to process a disinfectant. It is better to wipe all the wet spots on the carpets with lemon juice or vinegar, and be sure to treat the carpet from the front and from the wrong side.

Vacuum the apartment as often as possible and do wet cleaning. Regularly wash the dog bedding - often it is the epicenter of the unpleasant smell. For prevention, wipe the floor and carpet with a solution of vinegar once a month.

The dog smells bad due to improper nutrition.

  • A pet should not eat the same thing as you.
  • Think over its menu so that it receives proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins that are necessary for the dog for normal life.
  • On this issue, it is better to consult with a veterinarian, he will help to create a diet that is suitable for the breed, the parameters and characteristics of your animal.

Proteins are found in meat and fish. In no case do not give their dog in raw or fried form, otherwise you can infect it with helminths. Steam. Do not salt or pepper food. Millet, rolled oats, buckwheat, and rice consist of carbohydrates, which are vital for four-legged pets. It is better not to give the dog a barley - it is weak. Porridge must be cooked in water.

It is recommended to mix boiled meat and porridge in such a way that there is 3 times more meat broth than cereals. Vitamins for a dog are contained in cabbage, carrots, zucchini, onions, and pumpkins. You can add slices of these products to dog soup. There you also need to chop up the herbs - dill, parsley and cilantro also contain the substances necessary for the body.

If the pet refuses to eat these products, pick up for it vitamins, after consulting with a veterinarian.


If cleaning and careful care of the animals did not help to achieve results and the smell continues to poison your life, contact a veterinarian or a round-the-clock veterinary clinic: the animal must be checked for diseases. The dog must be tested. Many veterinarians say: a healthy dog ​​does not stink, but only smells a little. An unpleasant odor is a distress signal that a pet's body gives.

The stench can be the result of a serious illness.

Veronika, manager: My brother's dog smelled disgusting, although he tried all means to get rid of this shortcoming. And after a visit to the vet it turned out that the cause was a cancer that killed a pet ... The animal died out within a few months.


Smell - a protective reaction of the body. Perhaps your dog is worried about something, is experiencing serious stress or is afraid. Because of this, her sebaceous glands secrete an unpleasant odor. Provide your pet with a normal emotional background, eliminate the causes that make him afraid.

Often, experiencing fear, the pet leaves puddles in secluded places. Do not scold him, and ask for help from a zoopsychologist.

Natalia, financier: My spitz was very afraid of the vacuum cleaner, it just shrank into a ball and hid in the farthest corner of the apartment when I turned on this technique. After I cleaned the house it smelled even worse than before cleaning. A conversation with a zoopsychologist solved the problem: Bucks was nervous and smelled fragrant substances when he heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner. I carefully hid the device and used it only if the spitz was not at home. The smell of dog no longer arose.



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