What is dog handling?

Handling is the art of presenting dogs at shows. People who do this professionally are called handlers.

The task of such a person is to single out the dignity of the dog as much as possible, to demonstrate all its best qualities and to win. Also, the handler should know the basics of grooming for the breeds that he exhibits.

Dog Handling Styles

Handling originated in the USA at the end of the 19th century. Since then, several show styles have emerged that are followed by certain handlers: American, German and English.

  • English handling involves the display of a dog without human hands. Handler does not touch the paws of the dog, she takes the perfect stand. Training at the same time is long, you need full contact with the dog. In English handling, the Labrador Retriever is always and in all countries - a breed that can concentrate and make contact.
  • German handling more often it is used specifically for the national breeds of this country: German shepherds, boxers, dogs, schnauzers, Dobermans and Rottweilers This style is called double, because two people work with a dog. One keeps the dog in a ring on a tight leash, and the other behind the ring attracts the animal's attention with the help of special toys for dogs, food, etc.

However, this style is now used less and less as it causes fuss, distracting other exhibitors and experts. Americans do not use such a show.

Now the American style of handling is increasingly prevailing.which helps to emphasize advantages and hide flaws and looks from the side most advantageous for a dog. Its essence lies in the statement separately each paw of a dog. This is the most time-consuming, complex, but also the most effective handling. The dog is not easy to learn to stand exactly as needed.

In addition to the stand, the handler must also teach the dog to be comfortable with feeling, checking for cryptorchism and examining the teeth, moving at a trot.

Job handler with a dog

Someone from the owners of dogs takes on the role of a handler, but for this you need to have enough training time and a fair experience of participation in exhibitions. If neither one nor the other, dog breeders hire a professional handler.

The first classes are based on the fact that the dog began to trust the handler. For this are used games, treats delicacy. After gaining confidence, the handler gradually begins to train the dog for show races and the correct stance inherent in the breed. After the dog becomes aware of the stance, the lessons focus on gradually increasing the soak time in the stance without moving.

However, the art of handling is not only in the ability to show the exhibition stand and beautifully trot. Not unimportant task of the handler is to teach the dog to get real pleasure from acting in the ring. Experts say that a real exhibition winner should have a proud posture, courage and look of a champion.

Each dog is a bright individuality and you need a lot of experience and even ingenuity to choose the right techniques with each particular animal.

A professional handler must take into account all the peculiarities of the nature of the animal and correct its work in a timely manner.



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