Why massage the dog?

Massage is widely used for the prevention and treatment of diseases, not only in humans. But dog massage is also very useful and lately veterinarians are increasingly recommending owners to do this simple procedure for their pets.

What is useful massage for dogs?

  • This method of physiotherapy is very effective for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as hip dysplasia and injuries in dogs. It speeds up the metabolic processes in the body and increases blood circulation, which nourishes the muscles with oxygen.
  • With vigorous rubbing, histamine is formed in the skin, which expands the blood capillaries.
  • Nervous dog soft rubbing muscles will help overcome fear, and a hyperactive dog - calm. If you are afraid of noise, you need to have a circular massage around the lips, as well as a large muscle between the base of the tail and the knee tendon.
  • And in general, regular contact improves pet health control. It is possible to notice in time an increase in body temperature, the appearance of a tumor in a dog, "painful" areas.
  • Also, therapeutic massage complements veterinary treatment well and even provides an additional stimulus to the suffering animal for recovery.

Massage is a physical contact with an animal and a dog, which since childhood has been tamed with caress, and in adulthood behaves more calmly, more peacefully. And as it gets older and even gets older, such an animal will be better able to resist disease and stress.

How to massage a dog?

  1. The simplest massage is stroking the back and belly of the dog, its sides, and also grasping the tail with one hand, stroking it from root to tip. The easiest way to do this is to use light hand movements against the coat.
  2. Short-haired dogs often love the touch of a suede glove. Some dogs like tapping a person’s fingertips on their skin.
  3. Greyhound and Italian Greyhound light massaging movements make a silk scarf over short wool. The electrification of the wool causes a special pleasant sensation in dogs.
  4. After light preparatory movements, you can move on to stronger ones. For example, to hold long "rowing" movement of a dog standing with the abdomen to the back.
  5. Further along the body of a free-lying dog in different places, circular rotational movements with the palm can be made. In this case, the skin should move relative to the muscles. And completes the dog massage rubbing paws. It is necessary to gently spread the fingers of the dog and rub the skin between the pads.
  6. At the end of the procedure, you can stroke the whole body of the dog with long movements.

This massage usually lasts up to 20 minutes and needs to be repeated several times a week.



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