Peculiarities of dog cremation

After the death, lulling a dog or natural death, many owners are wondering what to do with the body of the animal. And many people come completely human thought - to bury.

But pet graveyards are far from being found in every city, and it is forbidden to bury in the yard or in the park. This is a violation of the sanitary norms of cities.

According to the sanitary and veterinary regulations that apply in the Russian Federation, animal carcasses are considered biological waste. The same rules categorically prohibit the burying of animals anywhere, including at a landfill. Do not dispose of biological waste in household garbage containers or any water bodies. For it threaten solid fines.

By law, the carriage of dead animals should be carried out only in watertight closed bodies that are well sanitized. Dispose of biological waste in special veterinary and sanitary utilization enterprises by processing, burn it in designated areas or disinfect in biothermal pits. Only special people can do this.

Perhaps the best civilized way out in such a situation is burning, that is, cremation of the pet's body. This service is often provided by ordinary funeral services.

How are dogs cremated?

  • First, the bureau staff arrive at the place of death of the animal (on the street, home, to the veterinary clinic), pack the body tightly and transport it to a specialized enterprise for the production of the cremation procedure.
  • Cremation is common and individual. With general cremation, the animal’s body is burned along with the rest. Their dust after burning is utilized and nothing is given to the owner.
  • With individual cremation, only one animal is in the furnace, and the ashes are collected in an urn that the owner can take with him.
  • Cremation lasts for a rather long time - about five hours, therefore it is forbidden for pet owners to attend this procedure.

However, in order for the owners of the animal to be personally convinced of the correct individual cremation, many bureaus provide a video report on the procedure.


How much does a cremation dog cost? The cost of the procedure depends on the body weight of the animal. Individual service can cost from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles. The price of total cremation varies from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles.

Also, when choosing an individual cremation, you must specify in advance additional services: the choice of an urn, its burial, and the delivery of an urn to a home or other place.



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