Why is the dog breathing heavily?

In a calm state, the dog breathes quietly through the nose. Strong breathing through the mouth while running or in the heat allows the dog to remove excess heat through the lungs.

In a calm state, the deep, convulsive breathing of a dog indicates that there are some problems in the animal's body. Why does the dog breathe heavily?

Causes of Breathing

Dog breathing can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • She could overheat and even get a heat stroke.
  • The dog may be in nervous excitement, for example, in an unfamiliar place, in transport, at a reception in a veterinary clinic.
  • Mechanical damage is also possible: injury or chest contusion in case of an accident, a fall or as a result of a fight.
  • With overheating or with an old animal, heavy breathing may be associated with a beginning heart attack.
  • A pregnant bitch can start breathing heavily and often before giving birth. It can also be during lactation, when the mother sucks the puppies
  • Breathing can also be associated with such critical situations: - airway obstruction and pulmonary edema; - expansion of the stomach and torsion; - difficult childbirth in a dog with a large number of puppies.

Related symptoms

If the dog is overheated, it will look for a cool place, drink a lot and refuse to eat. In the event of an injury to the chest, bruises or wounds in the dog may be noticed, the dog will be weak, and if you touch the chest it will whine from pain. With a heart attack, the dog may panic. If the animal has an expansion and torsion of the stomach, it will experience abdominal pain.

With airway obstruction, the dog coughs, takes a forced posture with elbows apart, its mucous membranes turn blue. If the cause is eclampsia associated with lactation, then the bitch can leave the puppies, hide from the light. She may have convulsions, clumsiness in movements. This is due to a sharp drop in the body of glucose or calcium.

What if the dog is breathing heavily?

  1. If, along with heavy breathing, the dog has other disturbing symptoms: it is restless or too lethargic, whines from pain, it is necessary to urgently call the veterinarian at home or very carefully transport the dog to the 24-hour veterinary clinic.
  2. If the dog had a difficult birth and the more so were the dead puppies, the reason for the deterioration of her condition may be that she did not give birth to all the puppies. An urgent operation is needed to rid the bitch of intoxication. In many cases, a delay can cause a collapse that will lead to the death of the dog.
  3. If there are no other symptoms, but the dog is breathing heavily in unnatural situations for her, a cardiological examination is necessary (an ECG for a large breed and an ECHO for a small heart). This will help eliminate or identify heart problems that can cause shortness of breath.
  4. It is also desirable to make an x-ray in frontal and lateral projection in order to eliminate or identify the problems of metastasis, respiratory nature and additionally - the heart.



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