What meat for dogs is better to buy?

Meat is a very important food product in feeding dogs. In its raw form, the meat contains many beneficial and nutritious trace elements and vitamins. The main thing that it was without fat, which is bad for the liver of the dog.

In the stomach of a dog, nature provides for the release of special digestive juices, which are specifically designed to digest raw meat. And in the stomach and intestines of a dog, the food of a predator is best digested - poultry, lamb, beef, horse meat.

What is the use of meat for dogs?

  • The most useful and rich in nutrients for the dog is beef scar. It contains: iron, phosphorus, zinc, enzymes and cellulose, which improve the digestive process. B vitamins in large quantities are found in mutton. They improve the condition of the skin and are responsible for the functioning of the muscles and mucous membranes. Beef is useful in large amounts of iron, which is responsible for the energy balance and production of hemoglobin.
  • Pork is generally not recommended for giving to the dog: it does not bring any benefit, but it overloads the stomach.
  • Meat suitable for feeding dogs is still much more. In addition to lamb and beef, it can be horse meat, meat of wild animals, rodents, birds, sea animals (seals, whales, dolphins, walrus, belugas), frogs and even dogs.

In the dog menu should be at least 30% meat. The following calculation is also carried out: for 1 kg of an animal, 15-20 grams of meat per day are needed. That is, a medium sized dog needs about 300 grams of meat. Also, the daily rate of meat depends on gender, age, body weight, work performed and the state of health of the animal.

Feed the dog raw meat or not?

Despite the fact that dogs are predators and in nature their ancestors eat only raw meat, the owners of cultural breeds seriously argue on the topic in which form the meat should be given, boiled or cheese.

As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. That is, the choice of meat depends on certain factors.

  • For example, it is necessary to cook the meat of farm animals that have died from non-communicable diseases or died from accidents. Also, first soaked and then boiled salted meat of sea animals.
  • Be sure to cook and offal: kidney, liver, heart, udder, and chicken meat. They contain many toxins and are dangerous in their raw form.

Boiled meat is less useful for feeding a dog, but it is much safer. Therefore it is better to cook meat of unknown or doubtful origin.

It should be borne in mind that in raw meat is much more protein than cooked. That is, the dog eats more quickly with the raw product, and it will have to give the boiled one approximately twice as much.

But the bones for dogs can not be cooked. Raw bone simply dissolves in the dog's stomach, and the boiled one is hardly digested and can make stool difficult and too strong to hold it together.

With regard to disputes on what is best for the dog: natural meat or dry food, we can say that the expensive premium food of the premium class maintains the right balance of natural products in the right proportions. By feeding it, you can not worry about the norms of minerals and nutrients. Also, the meat there is proven and safe. Nevertheless, from time to time the dog is very useful to give natural meat and scar.



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