What is dangerous brucellosis in dogs?

Brucellosis is a dangerous infectious disease in domestic animals. Pigs, cows, sheep and goats are more susceptible to this disease. Brucellosis is quite rare in dogs and cats, and mostly only in those individuals that have constant contact with farm animals, as well as rodents, hares, wild foxes.

Therefore, hunting dogs can also be at risk.

Causes of illness

The causative agent of brucellosis is brucella - a very small, not forming a spore, not having flagella aerobic bacteria. It has a high penetrating power and is very resistant to environmental influences.

However, when boiling or disinfecting the bacterium dies within a few seconds, and when pasteurizing milk, it takes 30 minutes. Infection of small domestic animals occurs through contact with the wastes of sick animals, as well as through eating meat, milk, internal organs or aborted fetuses of sick cows, pigs, sheep or goats; also when eating carcasses of infected wild animals.

Dogs are most susceptible to brucellosis infection during pregnancy. The incubation period can last several weeks.

Symptoms of brucellosis in dogs

As a rule, the disease is asymptomatic, has a chronic nature, sometimes only a slight decrease in appetite, a slight increase in temperature is possible.

In females it is possible:

  • partial loss of body weight
  • slight apathy,
  • estrus delay

Later in pregnant animals are not uncommon:

  • early abortion
  • stillbirth
  • delay of the afterbirth and, as a result, inflammation of the uterus

In males, the disease manifests itself in chronic inflammation of the testes and their appendages, later develops prostatitis, scrotal dermatitis, sometimes there is a lesion of the joints, turning into arthritis. Infected dogs are carriers and carriers of the disease. Patients can secrete Brucella to the external environment up to 1 year.

Treatment and Prevention

More recently, treatment of dogs with brucellosis was not carried out, and sick dogs were subject to sleep. But now times have changed, brucellosis is treatable. Therefore, more than ever, with the slightest suspicion of brucellosis, consult a veterinarian promptly.

To make a final diagnosis of only clinical signs of the disease is not enough, it is necessary to conduct a thorough laboratory study. Timely diagnosis and qualified treatment will help save the life and health of your pet. Sick animals develop a lifelong immunity to the effects of bacteria, so re-infection is impossible.

Timely prevention against brucellosis is very important. At the slightest suspicion, it is necessary to isolate sick animals from the rest to obtain accurate results of laboratory analysis.

  • In nurseries where brucellosis is suspected, dogs should not eat premature or aborted fetuses, raw milk, cream, meat, or organs of farm animals.
  • Persons who care for sick dogs must strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene.
  • It is also necessary to carry out full sanitary treatment of the premises where animals are kept. Brucellosis is dangerous for humans.

This type of infection is not transmitted from person to person - domestic animals are primarily a source of infection, although the actual transfer of brucellosis by dogs and cats has not been scientifically confirmed. A number of vaccines have been developed to prevent brucellosis in humans and dogs.



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