How to train a dog?

It is not uncommon to meet a dog breeder with a dog who barks and strives to rush at everyone, which its owner furiously shouts out: "Keep quiet!" This is an example of an ill-mannered dog and an equally uneducated owner, who is likened to his pet.

In order for the dog to obey, not shouting, but a calm voice and even just a gesture of the owner, it is necessary to properly engage in its training.

How to start a dog training?

The main rule can be called the very mood of training. It should always be a pleasure, both to the dog and to its owner. This is another type of communication with a pet, which should always be positive. If the owner is not in a good mood, it is better to postpone training at all until a better time.

One approach to learning a new team should be short enough, literally 5-10 minutes, so that the dog's attention does not weaken. If the dog after several attempts does not fulfill the command, it simply does not need to be rewarded. First, remember a couple of simple long-studied commands, and then repeat the new “material” again.

You also need to complete the training session on a positive note, that is, on a team that she knows well and therefore will receive a reward for her performance. After class, release it with the "Walk" team. There is no place for coercion and negative emotions in training. It is harmful to dog to shout, beat, pull. From this, she will not become better at remembering commands, and will only be afraid of the owner and be confused, not understanding what he wants.

Every dog ​​needs to know the basic commands of submission: "To me", "Sit", "Lie", "Near", "Stand". You can also teach her additional commands: "Stop", "Give", "Enough", "Quiet". During training, the dog must be well motivated. If you encourage it with pieces of food, then before training the dog should be hungry.

If you encourage her with praise and play, then training should be timed to meet the dog after separation. For example, when the owner came from work. When a puppy is taught to such teams as “Lie down” and “stand” on a leash, this should be done after he ran for a walk and frolicked, “letting off steam”. Otherwise, the hyperactive baby will be very difficult to sit still.

How to encourage a dog

The dog should always clearly understand what it needs to do, because the teams should be simple and clear, so that it does not rush, not having time for your "machine-gun bursts" of commands. She must have time to perform and mandatory encouragement, even if it is just a stroke and praise.

If the dog does not execute the command, it does not need to be punished. It is enough that you simply do not encourage it. She will already understand that she has not earned a reward and will try to understand how to earn it. The treat that encourages the dog during training should be very pleasant.

Then the dog will be diligent. It can be cut into small pieces of pork ears, cheese, dried liver. The pieces should be very small and not crumble. The praise should sound in a high-pitched tone and with enthusiasm. Stroking the dog with the encouragement is better in the face in the direction of the growth of hair, you can scratch under the jaw or chest.

Quite a few dogs do not like being petted on the head. It is very important that the dog understands the connection between the correct execution of the command and the promotion, because you need to be encouraged instantly. The team must be given in one word, without repeating it. It is better if it is the shortest word that ends with a solid consonant. Only when the team "To me" the dog is first called nickname.

And the intonation of this team should not be a shout, it should be calm and positive. She should be happy to approach the owner, and not be afraid of him. After the approach must be commended. When encouraging a dog with a treat, when an animal with a constant reward has already learned the team, it should be encouraged not every time, but every third, then even more randomly.

Perfection command execution

At the first stage of training it is important that the dog understands what she needs to do and did it right. Ideally, it should execute commands very quickly. Therefore, when she has learned to respond correctly, you need to start practicing speed, encouraging the dog for the fastest performance.

It is also necessary to increase the time the dog performs such commands as "Sit", "Stand", "Lie". She has to “keep” the team for a minute, while the owner at this time is 5 steps away from the dog. And after that you can continue to increase the time and distance after a succession of successful execution of commands. It is better to do workouts more frequent, but short.



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