Team barrier. High Jump and Overcoming Obstacles

Any dog ​​can jump from birth and does it willingly. If you have a puppy, you will surely see this.

Now you need to teach him to do it on command. Let's start with a barrier height of no more than 45 centimeters. Let's walk with the dog on a leash, let us lead it to the barrier and jump over it ourselves, at the same time commanding "Barrier!".

The dog will undoubtedly follow our example. Let us praise her for this and give her a treat. After a few lessons gradually begin to increase the height of the obstacles. In addition, after making a jump, immediately jump over the barrier in the opposite direction, each time giving the command "Barrier!". Repeat this several times. Then we will give the command again, but we will not jump ourselves. Once on the other side of the barrier, the dog will be puzzled that we have not followed it and at the same second will jump over the barrier in the opposite direction to be near us, and this is what we are achieving.

For a few lessons the dog will learn that the command "Barrier!" She herself must jump over the obstacle, and then return to us, even without a leash. Gradually, we will ensure that she performs the jump from the position to our left, then returns to the team, stands in front of us and again, on command, stands at the foot. In no case should not force, scold or punish the dog, if she does not want to take the barrier or make it awkward. For her, this exercise should be in the nature of an exciting game.

In case of an error, we simply will not praise or encourage it. At the same time, you should not skimp on encouragement and even excessive if the dog will do everything as it should. Exercise to overcome obstacles looks exactly the same as a jump over a low barrier. In the first lessons, we will place the obstacle low enough and cross it with the dog, keeping it on a leash. Gradually increasing the angle of inclination, we demand that the dog overcomes the obstacle, while we go around it from the side.

Then we start to let the dog go alone. When a dog learns to take a barrier and overcome an obstacle, we will combine these two exercises with fitting, which the dog, naturally, should already own. We place the dog on our left, transfer the fitting item through the barrier, and then give the following commands in order: “Apport!”, “Barrier!”, “To me!”, “Give!”, “Go to foot!”. If we do not regret time and stock up on patience, we will achieve ideal results, both in the high jump and in overcoming obstacles.

You can not overly fond of these exercises, which look spectacular and encourage the owner to demonstrate the ability of his dog in front of friends, regardless of the fact that she is tired. It is impossible to abuse the fact that performing these exercises brings the dog pleasure. If the dog gets tired, it will start making mistakes that can turn into a system.



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