What are probiotics useful for dogs?

The dog is constantly exposed to various harmful effects. She can drink water from a puddle, pick up some edible or not very piece.

In a healthy state, the dog has enough protective bacteria in the stomach and intestines. However, once the dog's body weakens as a result of the disease, it can no longer cope with harmful bacteria. Then probiotics come to the rescue.

What are probiotics for dogs?

These are living microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria) necessary to restore the microflora of the body. Probiotics are isolated from the intestines of newborn animals and undergo special drying.

So they become absolutely useful. Once in the body, they push pathogenic microorganisms out of the intestines and colonize it with species of bacteria that form normal microflora.

Probiotics partially help break down the complex of bile and fatty acids, which regulates the weight of the animal, reducing the amount of absorbed fat. They also participate in the process of splitting carbohydrates, and this reduces the risk of food allergies in dogs from consuming milk, beef, soy, wheat, and artificial food additives.

Probiotic bacteria are necessary for the dog to synthesize in the body folic and nicotinic acids and such vitamins as B3, B6, B12, K, as well. They reduce the excess calcium and cellulose in the body (which is what cheap dry dog ​​food can do). The lack of probiotics increases the risk of heart disease, gastrointestinal tract, cancer of certain organs.

Without normal flora, the body is particularly susceptible to the attack of dangerous microbes, viruses, and helminths. As a result of their vital activity, probiotics secrete a large number of products that are toxic to pathogenic microorganisms, but harmless to the "host": low-molecular antibiotics, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other substances.

When do probiotics need dogs?

Primarily, probiotics are used after treatment of dogs with antibiotics. They destroy not only pathogenic, but also beneficial bacteria, and therefore, a course of probiotic treatment is necessary for rapid recovery. Especially antibiotic treatment is dangerous for puppies. Probiotics may be needed not only for an adult dog who is weakened by a disease or surgery and antibiotics.

If a puppy is born with a caesarean section and the bitch does not have milk either, he is sterile from birth and it is dangerous for his life. This puppy

Probiotic supplements must be added to the feed. They will also need a teenager who is switching to adult nutrition to cope with the problem of digestive disorders.

Also, these drugs are prescribed to the future mother for the prevention of violations of the normal flora. They are also needed for dogs that eat dry food. It harms beneficial microorganisms because they need natural food with raw foods. Natural probiotic is a green film on a mutton or cow scar.

No wonder dogs love the scar so much. Probiotic preparations are also sold in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores. These are such drugs as:



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