Do dogs need summer clothes?

Many dog ​​breeders believe that a dog needs clothes only in the winter or in the off-season, when it is especially dirty.

Its main function is to warm and protect the wool from pollution, so that there is no need to bathe the dog every day. However, not many people understand how important clothing is for many dogs in the summer.

Summer clothes for dogs of certain breeds

First of all, among the breeds, in need of summer clothes, the Chinese Crested Hairless Dog stands apart. Her delicate skin has no hair and sunburns on hot days in the same way as human skin. Likewise, it may burn.

Therefore, the Chinese crested summer must be walked in clothes on hot days, regardless of the time of walking: from dawn to dusk. Dogs of dark, especially black color also need light clothing. The sun's rays quickly overheat the dog's coat and the animal can get a heat stroke.

The fact that it is suffering can be judged by the lethargy and the desire not to walk, but just lie somewhere in the shade of a tree. For clothes in the summer, you also need a hat that will protect the head of the dog from overheating. Clothing is also necessary for all long-haired dogs, from which it is difficult to comb out all kinds of sticks, blade of grass and needles, as well as numerous inhabitants of tall grass.

And in the dust, the luxurious wool gets too dirty and is cut with sharp grass. Needed in the summer and shoes for dogs, if they have to walk on hot asphalt or on the grass, where glands or glass fragments can be lost.

Summer clothes for dog safety

In the summer of one dog bloodsucker becomes more. Mites go on the hunt. From the grass, they quickly crawl onto the dog and hide in the wool, and then dig into the skin. Ticks infect a dog with two very dangerous diseases: piroplasmosis and Lyme disease.

A dog in overalls is much less likely to be bitten by a tick. Especially if the clothes are light on her, you can always spot an insect on time.

What is needed in summer clothes and how to do it yourself?

The easiest option, which can be made independently, is a sheath made of natural light material: chintz or flax. It is cut out of a long piece of cloth (two lengths of the dog's back). Approximately in the middle, a hole is cut for the head, and ribbons are sewn on the sides for tying.

In rainy weather, you need a light raincoat so that the dog does not get wet through the rain or overalls. Also, newly bitten bitches are advised at any time of the year and, regardless of time, they are walking in overalls so that the sharp grass does not irritate her nipples and cannot contaminate them with unnecessary chemicals.



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