Features of dog training at home

The dog can be trained at home. After all, not all owners need serious guards or animals with special skills. Many enough for the dog to obey the owner.

When to start training dogs at home?

It is necessary to be engaged in education, as well as special dog training from the very moment it appears in your home. From the very first days she needs to make it clear that she must always obey her master. Of course, training at home is laborious, but you can quickly achieve the desired result.

Moreover, when the dog is trained by the owner, she is simultaneously trained to carry out the necessary commands and to obey her leader of the pack. The most suitable period for the development of teams is the period of socialization of the dog. This is when a puppy is from 8 to 12 weeks old.

Mandatory commands for dog training at home

The first classes should last no more than 5-10 minutes. It is better to repeat them several times a day. The tone of the voice and behavior should arouse interest in the puppy. The first teams of the puppy. In the earliest period, the puppy must master the commands "Ko me!" and "Place!". Team "Place!" appears in a puppy with his nickname. Everytime

you must first say the nickname, and then say the word "place" and put the dog on its litter.

After each proper execution, the puppy needs to be given a tiny delicacy and stroked, saying "good." When the puppy gets used, the treat can be given not every time, but after several repetitions of the reception. Team "To me!" is the basis of dog obedience. Need to pronounce the nickname and command. If the puppy fits slowly, you need to run back, it will make him run up.

Since the use of this command will be everyday, its assimilation is very important. Use of intimidation and violence is unacceptable. It is necessary to closely monitor the reaction of the dog, so that she was not afraid. Also, before training, the dog must be hungry so as not to overfeed it with delicacies. After two months of age, you can go to the command "Sit!".

Call a puppy to you and show him a treat by lifting him so that he can only see him sitting. As soon as the dog sits down, tell her "Sit!", Immediately praise and give a treat. If the puppy does not sit down itself, it can be pushed a little under the knees. After mastering the sitting position, you can learn the "Lie down!" Command. To do this, hold the puppy by the withers, and its front paws forward, repeating the command.

After proper execution, encourage the delicacy. To train the "Stand!" After three months, the puppy can be taught to the team "Near!". To do this, put a collar on a puppy with a short leash and put the dog at the left leg.

The leash must be held from the collar at a distance of about 20 cm. Having given the command "Near!", You need to tighten the leash. If the puppy is trying to move away from you, pull the leash with the team. When he comes, the leash must be loosened.

If up to a year you do not start raising and training a dog, then you can raise a completely uncontrollable animal. Although dogs can be trained at any age, but the later they start, the harder and longer the result will be.



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