Main features of Golden Needle dog food

Golden Eagle feed belongs to holistic class diets, that is, feeds that are created in harmony with nature and the healthy needs of the dog.

This food is made only from natural ingredients: meat, cereals (oats and rice), fruits and vegetables, as well as fats and oils necessary for the body. Even in this feed added healthy fish oil from salmon and flax seed. Vitamins are used as preservatives, in particular natural vitamin E.

All products used in the feed are labeled "human grade", that is, suitable for humans. This means that Golden Eagle food can be eaten if desired, and it will be of benefit to them. In the development of the formulation of feed used the latest achievements in nutrition and the study of the health of dogs. Variants of feed are presented depending on the breed of dog, its age and state of health.

There are formulas specially developed for dogs suffering from food hypersensitivity or allergies that are recommended for disorders associated with liver or kidney diseases. In the Golden Eagle feed lineup, you can find a full range of nutrition for all stages of the life cycle of both healthy animals and those prone to hereditary diseases.

Among the rations the most popular are meat - lamb with rice, duck with oatmeal, duck with potatoes and fish - salmon with oatmeal and salmon with potatoes.

Reviews of Golden Needle Dog Food

Review №1

I read about this poop and thought that there were too many clever words. Even science was invented at the intersection of nutrition and genetics. Isn’t it too soft? Although for the attentive reader there is some good news. The manufacturer does not hide the composition of the product for unclear wording such as "approved by the European Community."

The list of ingredients is very clear and everything is explained in detail. This bribed. My dogs have been eating the Golden Eagle for three months now and I am very pleased. Allergies did not occur, the skin is clean, silk hair. Yes, and they are energetic beyond their years.

Irina, Moscow

Review number 2

We have been eating the Salmon with Rice menu for more than a month now. That is, my dog ​​eats it with great pleasure. And the output of the feed is also as it should be. True, little time has passed and I still have not quite understood whether Golden Eagle has approached us or not. The fact is that after the previous and not very cheap food the dog had a severe allergy. Red spots went through the body, dandruff appeared in chunks, wool, naturally dull.

At the same time, the dog began to scratch as if it had a flea regiment. Than we just did not try to cure her, even naturalka began to feed her, allergies still did not go away. And when they began to eat Golden Needles, it was protein-free, the coat became shiny, the dog's dandruff almost disappeared, while only a few red spots remained and itching still slightly. Now I also want to try Duck with potatoes, the manufacturer writes that this is the most anti-allergic feed.

Igor, St. Petersburg

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